Wednesday, July 22, 2015

He is probably   the biggest criminal on earth and the hunt is on again for him. He is the notorious drug lord Joaquim   Guzman Loera who is known to be the most dangerous and richest man in his business. His drug cartel from Mexico is estimated to be 25% of all drugs trafficked to America. He escaped from a maximum security prison for the second time. It seems lots of really bad criminals are able to get out of what is called maximum security. Do we need double maximum security places now?

Related imageHe was serving a 400 year sentence as if anyone could even live to serve 400 years. Just say a life sentence for being the head of a cartel that sold drugs. The maximum security prison is located 55 miles outside Mexico City. The authorities quickly cancelled flights out of the airport and took 18 prison employees for questioning.  What is most interesting about this guy is that he is both on the DEA’s list as one of the most wanted men but he is also on the Forbes list as one of the most powerful men in the world now. His net worth is estimated at $50 Billion Dollars at age 54 from drug trafficking.

The cartel is believed to be responsible for thousands of deaths. He is the largest trafficker of illegal drugs into the United States. He ships cocaine, heroin, meth, dangerous drugs and designer drugs. It can all be directly or indirectly be connected to this man.  What is also so interesting is the easy and relatively luxuriously he escaped from maximum security prison.  It all sounds like a movie but it is real and true. He was last seen in the shower area of his cell but under the stall was a dug out area just 20 inches square that had a ladder in it that went 30 feet down. It led to an elaborate mile long tunnel that was as tall as himself   just 5 feet 6 inches but was well lit with electric lighting and a motorcycle that rode on a track. I guess this is escape billionaire style.

According to the Chief Investigative Consultant Mariana Van Zeller, this is a man that is known for building tunnels and who employs teams of engineers and miners who are some of the best in Mexico. The sophisticated tunnel led to a nearby construction site and came out into a small   house. The house was heavily guarded and surrounded by tall cornfields. The house was located near the prison. There are hundreds of similar tunnels built along the United States Mexican border.  Mr. Trump if President wants to build a wall? Wait until he falls into one of these tunnels.

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According to Pierre Thomas a U.S. Justice Correspondent, noticed that the tunnels are well ventilated and well lit and have motorized vehicles to move product back and forth. It is a business that is well funded and organized. A tunnel found near San Diego leading into Tijuana Mexico in 2013 revealed bales containing more than 8 Tons of Marijuana and 325 pounds of cocaine. The tunnel was just like the prison one. In 2013 Laura Duffy the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California called it a super tunnel and was the 5th super tunnel they have found  since 2010. They included hydraulically controlled steel doors.

Joaquim runs a good business even though his business is all about bad goods. He was first captured in 1993    but escaped then too in a laundry bin after 8 years in a maximum security prison. I am amazed how he can still orchestrate such a large business while being in jail. He managed to bribe himself out of that prison then. For over a decade he evaded capture until he was caught in a hotel room. When they captured him in February of 2014 Mexico declared victory and touted themselves as an effective Government bigger than the drug cartels. Now Mexico feels defeat again with his latest elaborate escape.

Image result for drug lord escape billionaire jocqmeEven then the United States wanted to house him in our prison system but Mexico refused. In Mexico he is becoming a kind of brave folk hero. Rappers make up songs wanting to be like his nickname El Chapo   controlling   billions of dollars in pesos. Not only does he control the Arizona Southwest Border they also have the wholesale contacts of Colombian   Cocaine.  This can only result in more pain on both sides of the border. He makes Al Capone and John Gatti   look like  Boy scouts.


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