Sunday, July 5, 2015

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So the party us over and all that is left are the drunks who couldn’t make it to their homes yet , plenty of trash from cute little fireworks you just had to light up in some guys back pockets. Well everyone has their prank. What was bad this year wasn’t the fully stocked bar you thought you had. Every year there is always new people to the party and who the hell knows what they like to drink. This year I was floored with the names that were tossed my way that I just didn’t even know about. Embarrassing to say the least or was it and they are just fools? 

First you had to have the perfect cheese, then the wine list to memorize and of course the favorite coffee.  Now it is all about the water. You can’t stop noticing a woman’s perfect body without realizing she must only ingest water and not just any water, they must have designer water that is pricey. Go to any great hotel bar and you will see them there. This time of year most people carry water wherever they go. I know we need water from dehydrating or from getting grumpy but expensive designer water? A very popular designer water is called Beverly Hills 90H20. You know they are drinking it because it comes in a very distinctive blue bottle. It is reasonably priced at $72 a case.

Price points for some kinds of water if you can even say that can be anywhere from $8 to $20 per bottle. In Los Angeles they are having water tasting parties at $50 a head to attend. They taste and smell the water and look for clarity. There is natural spring water that is judged by the texture of the bubbles in it and the kind of salty taste. Martin Riese is a Water Sommelier, and expert of kinds of water. He will even notice the TDS levels and measure how much minerals are in the water.  I wonder if he could notice toilet water?  I will behave.

Image result for sexy woman drinking water at a partyPATINA is a restaurant that has a water menu that is 48 pages long. Where have I been that I have not read a water menu yet? Household names like Perrier and Evian  for $8  to Anada and Berg for $20 a bottle. Glacier water is the most expensive and must be imported and boasts that the water is 15,000 years old. Who gave them the permission to melt and bottle glaciers? Is unique water worth spending all that money on? Sure! If she has a smoking hot body give her an expensive cool one. Right?

Bottled water is now a $19 Billion dollar industry in America and growing. Yet just last week there was a “voluntary recall” whatever that means by Niagara. In fact 14 brands of water were taken off the shelves for having a “positive indication” of Ecoli.   There have not been any people reporting illness leading to the water but negative reports are not slowing down the industry. Martin recommends Beverly Hills 90H20 from the Santa Barbara Mountains in Northern California at $13 a bottle.  It is healthy to drink more and more water but I will stick to my boiled and purified tap water served in my very own recycled wine carafe! However, I will have to stock the bar with some of these waters now. Sigh!

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