Saturday, July 18, 2015

Since the election circus is assembling so are the issues to discuss. Donald Trump already made it clear that he has very unusual ways to deal with people and has lost many corporate endorsements due to his lip flapping about his hate for most Mexicans. Many candidates are also lip flapping over women’s vaginas.  The pro-life movement seems to be gaining ground. I thought freedom for a woman to decide what she wants to be done with what comes out of her body was her decision and was decided decades ago with the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court Decision. These new activists are being forceful lately. Why aren’t they fighting to sterilize rapist men?

Related imageThey have parades called March for Life that are well attended now. Even if they win their cause and no woman has the right to an abortion, forced to give birth to an unwanted child, who is going to raise all these unwanted children? The pro-[lifers don’t tell us how. Over the last few years the anti-abortion movement has been gaining ground. There have been over 200 restrictions passed on abortion access demanding mandatory ultrasounds across many states in the country.  Those states are, AZ, TX, La, MS, Al, FL, WI, In, Oh and Vermont. The anti-abortion movement claims that they are on the winning side.

Kristan Hawkins is the President of a group called Students for Life who is pushing the movement to take away choices for women. No one ever talks about responsibilities for men.  Why? They are waging a media war against Planned Parenthood which has been a good advocate for woman’s needs nationally. They give pregnant woman choices like adoption and are reputable. Why wage a war against a national organization that is there to help women with their very unique needs? Go out and protest lack of parenting by the sperm donor fathers who have been very irresponsible in recent years.
Related imageThe activist group have many Facebook and twitter fans under the name Live Action.  They post untrue videos in abortion clinics. They omitted testimony where the people at Planned Parenthood always offer adoption services. Live Action uses deceptive editing. Liberal watchdog groups like Media Matters for America have accused Live Action of deceptive editing. They reorder audio or omit critical portions of conversations. Planned Parenthood said that Live Action is an organization that has been widely discredited for years because they deceptively edited videotapes and make claims that are flat out false.
Planned Parenthood is proud to stand strong against unethical, illegal, and misleading attacks from political groups whose goal is to ban abortion completely. Meanwhile conservative media loves Live Action. They are young and loud but thank goodness mainstream America is still pro-choice. How will abortion rights play in the next election? It is a shame that a woman’s private parts should even be an issue meanwhile it is the men who have no ethics and as early as in their twenties are raping women at college parties and elsewhere.  The issue should be fought about men’s ethics and for once when young children are abandoned found wandering the streets, for once they should be looking for the fathers of those kids and put him in jail.

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