Thursday, July 16, 2015

President Obama made history in the past few days. Too bad everything he does has to be an uphill battle from other countries approval and from the Republican Congress. It was a historic deal. Yes, for decades now Iran was called by Bush,   The Axis of Evil, that Iran was hiding weapons of mass destruction, we killed their leader the Shah of Iran who was hiding in a hole in the ground for no reason at all.  It IS time that America did something to create peace and stability in the Middle East and that is what he just did with this deal. What is our alternative?  More war? More hate? More suffering for innocent civilians of that region?
Related imageIran and the United States are now entering uncharted territory. It is a diplomatic agreement to reduce Iran’s suspected nuclear threat. This agreement forces Iran to be good guys and report to us everything they are using nuclear power for. Our alternative was unfriendly secrets that only lead to more wars. Yes, peaceful relations are the uncharted territories sadly but true. We just sealed a deal to REDUCE Iran’s nuclear capability. What the hell is wrong with the Republican Congress now to not give support to this agreement? It was done in exchange of billions of dollars in crippling sanctions. Yes, now commerce can get back to usual for the poor suffering people of Iran who can’t trade or do business. Let these people work and live peacefully now and have the ability to buy much needed food and supplies there, It has to be better for the world economy.

The agreement is that Iran accepts limits on its nuclear production for 10 years and on nuclear fuel and equipment for 15 years. Yes we get to monitor their activity. What could possibly be wrong with that?
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Iran promises more access for United Nations Inspectors.In exchange we give them an economic lifeline. Hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief. The people are happy and no longer feel the need to burn American flags. They will get reentry into the world economy and 5 to 10 years from now an end to the United States missiles embargo.  John Kerry our Secretary of State said that the United States does not lose anything by giving them the opportunity to prove that this is a peaceful program, No one believes that Iran will behave.

Related imageIn Tehran the people are cheering and Israel is criticizing the deal before the ink is dry. In Jerusalem there is nothing but mistrust for the Iranian people. Israel feels that the deal gives away far too much. Saudi Arabia is also worried that Iran will cheat.  The opposition in Congress is pretty deep too.  While Congress has some oversight it will be hard for them to stop the deal. Overriding the veto would have to be a 2/3 vote in the House and Senate. It requires 13 Senate Democrats and 44 House Democrats plus all the Republicans to kill the deal. That probably will not happen.

The President compares what he just did to what Regan did to China and pass the peace pipe to open normal relations with the countries. We didn’t know if the China deal was a good one for 2 decades this deal might take 10 years of oversight too see if he made a good decision for the world.   

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