Friday, June 12, 2015

We all need to do something personally and individually to keep this paradise that we live in this beautiful lush varied place   of living things. We should do what we can to preserve a modest but colorful creature of the earth. He butterfly. Take a portion of your land and plant not grass but tall grasses and wild flowers and see the land come to life with butterflies. On the mountain tops in central Mexico there are trees with so many butterflies weighing   the limbs down bursting in color. You wish this could be happening in other parts of the world.

Monarch butterflies are very beautiful. It is the only place left on earth where you can see them fly like a blizzard of color. Now we are told that this wonder of the world may be coming to an end. Monarch butterflies only spend the winter in Mexico. Then in March the butterflies fly north to their yearly migration   and glide right up the center of the continent. They look for the nectar bearing plants to feed on. They need especially milk weed to lay their eggs. With more acreage being used to plant crops we can eat and not they can eat, America is essentially killing the Monarch butterfly. Plus the insecticide being sprayed by small planes with abandon it is no wonder if they can even fly at all anymore.  So if by chance you get to see a beautiful butterfly at least take a moment to congratulate it for making its journey and surviving that journey this far north.

There is always hope. Each spring we can all embrace native plants and not just grass. Your office, home or school grounds would look much lovelier with Purple Cone Flowers, Asters and Vervane and Black Eyed Susan’s.  Above all, think of planting Milk Weed the home of butterfly babies. That is the one plant that Monarch butterflies just can’t live without. Fine a nursery that sells the native plants that grow where you live and get a variety of species to take turns blooming from April to October. If we don’t manage to save the one insect that we so adore, how can our paradise here on earth be complete.

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