Saturday, June 13, 2015

I just read a book called Thimerosal Let the   Science Speak by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who edited the many facts in it. Thimerosal is the mercury based preservative found now in many vaccines. It makes me wonder if Jenny McCarthy’s   claims that it was the vaccines that made her son autistic true. There are more autistic children around than ever before when I was a child. I guess I was vaccinated with a lot of     different stuff than what is in drugs now.  Robert F. Kennedy    Jr.  spent his life  being an environmental crusader and he got dragged into the vaccine issue kicking and screaming first finding large amounts of mercury in power plants and wherever he spoke there would be intelligent articulate women begging him to look into mercury in vaccines as being a big problem too.
When he started looking at the science involved with vaccines he saw lots of mercury in vaccines. So, why is he the only one alarmed at this discovery and why is it even a discovery?

 We should all know what is in the stuff we are told to inject into our babies. The problem is that there is a ruling autocratic society and another society of experimental scientists that do not get the same amount of respect in our ruling society. The experimental scientists have found this Thimerosal stuff in our vaccines that can cause The CDC, Center for Disease Commission is divided on this subject. The scientific literature on the subject is virtually unanimous on the subject that the dangers of Thimerosal and the links between Thimerosal is an epidemic of neurological disorders that are now inflicting American children. ADD, ADHD, speech delays, language delays, hyperactivity disorder and autism all of which began in 1989 which was the year that they changed the vaccine schedule. 

There are animal studies, toxicological studies, clinical studies, cadaver studies that all support that this stuff is bad for our children. It is also about the time that millions of dollars were poured into special education programs in our schools to deal with all these sick kids.  Mr. Kennedy is not against vaccines but let us   get the mercury or Thimerosal out of the vaccines. Sounds simple enough with a lot of supportative evidence to take the stuff out. Why haven’t they done it?  The problem is that we do not have today a credible regulatory process to keep track of these drugs.  Really? Where is the FDA and the CDC and stupid Congress? Even if our CDC is corrupt where is the World Health Organization, The Academy of Science, The American Pediatrician Society, scientists from other countries or politicians stepping in to fight for our kids?

The CDC controls the field. There has been 4 criticizing  studies brought about the CDC all of them by The United States Senate, The Inspector General and The Office of Research and Integrity last year that all paint the CDC as being a cesspool of corruption. So, Congress! THROW ALL THE BUMS OUT ALREADY! The evidence is here. Are the drug companies that powerful that folks have sold their soul to them? The evidence proved that the CDC has been taken over by the vaccine industry. There are two divisions at the CDC where the corruption is most apparent. The first is the division that chooses which vaccine is to add to the schedule. When I was a kid I got 3-5 vaccines and that was it. Kids now are recommended to get 57 inoculations from 16 vaccines. Why did that happen that all this newer stuff was added to the schedule?

There are also over 200 vaccines in the CDC pipeline that are due to be added to that schedule. In 1989 it suddenly became very lucrative to put a vaccine on the schedule because the year before Congress made it illegal for Americans to sue vaccine companies no matter how badly you proved your child’s injuries were caused by the vaccine.  Why did they get such a shield from any liability? So, suddenly all the drug companies wanted to sell vaccines. It became their cash cow. Now you have the Federal Government ordering 200 million people to buy your product. There is no advertising or marketing and you can’t be sued. Those new vaccines pumped billions of dollars into the now powerful and very rich drug companies that can afford any type of advertising for their drugs anywhere,

In 1999 a vaccine industry leader who owned a patent on the stuff had it added to the schedule and then six years later sold his patent for $182 Million dollars. He admitted that it was like winning the lottery. The problem is that 65% percent of the people who vote on the scheduling of vaccines also have   their hands in the profit pools so, of course they will vote that our kids need all kinds of crap injected in them. This all sounds like a bad movie but it is all true.  95% of the CDC members have conflicts and did not fill out their conflict disclosure forms. It is obvious that MONEY RULES everything else takes a back seat. Watch your nightly news on any station you choose. Look at all the drug company advertisements. THE DRUG COMPANIES OWN YOUR NEWS STATIONS. The nightly news will never report on this problem. They are owned by drug companies too. Our next generation is all sick anyway and won’t care. I need to throw up now.

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