Saturday, June 20, 2015

People used to just want to be equal in everyone’s eyes. Now we got Bruce Jenner a male athlete who wants to be a woman and everyone cheers. We got an educated woman who identified with black people all her life who wants to be black and everyone jeers her intentions and most recently we have young white men randomly killing black people in church just because they are black. What the hell is going on out there? Senator Lindsay Graham thinks the Confederate Flag should still be held high in South Carolina. What the hell? In the transgender world everyone seems willing to accept everyone for whom ever and whatever they believe in. Why is it so different when it comes to race?

There is a woman who built a personal and professional life around her that isn’t who she was born to be. Until her biological parents came forward, everyone accepted that she was black and was a respected black activist who rose to become the President of her local NAACP Chapter the National   Association   for the Advancement of Colored People.  The 37 year old woman Rachael Dolezal was posing as black for most of her adult life. In her youth she was a straight haired freckled faced blond teenager. Rachael went to the historically black University Howard to complete her Graduate Degree and was hired as a professor to teach   African Studies. She is an artist often painting pictures of black people in the struggles of their lives often getting upwards of $10,000 for her paintings.

She grew up with her adopted 4 other black siblings. Married a black man. Her child looks black. She quit her job and since has caused much controversy since she calls herself “transracial” a term no one has   ever heard of or used before.  Recently at a pool party a white policeman was cuffing a young black teenage girl after tossing her to the ground and no one knows her name but when a white woman pretends to be black everyone knows her name. Posing as a race other than your own isn’t anything new. Historically black people tried to pose as white people because of racial discrimination. I guess the trend is shifting now.

We got popular singers like Iggy Azalea who is a very white Australian rap singer who sounds very black and everyone accepts her. Even with the guys like Macklemore who also is white sounding very black in his rap music. He won a lot of Grammy Awards and no one judges him. I guess when it comes to music it is ok for white people to take on black persona's.  Then there is the brother of actress Mindy Kaling who is of Indian descent posed as a black man to get into Medical school. He is Vijay Chokal-Ingam who wrote the book called Almost Black. He hid his real identity for 15 years.

It brings light to a bigger issue. If everyone can lie about their gender or race on an employment application then Affirmative Action will fall apart like a house of cards.  The woman who thought she was white all her life, Lacey Schwartz who is the writer/director of the movie called Little White Lie now embraces that she is bi-racial. Few people ever acknowledge our President Obama’s white heritage and he is often referred as being our nation’s first black President. He certainly acts white. What if he also came out looking white like the singer Mariah Carey who is also bi-racial and looks very white?  We should all go back to wanting to be equal and stop all this racial bias. By the year 2300 we will all be one race anyway just due to the many spices of race in the gender pot.   

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