Sunday, June 7, 2015

He did it yesterday. The horse won the Triple Crown. It has been nearly four decades yes nearly 40 years since a horse has won the three most important horse races in one year. The horse is American Pharoah and he sealed the deal in the Belmont Stakes in Long Island New York. The main question was can the front runner cross the finish line into history? Well he did just that.

It is the one time of the year where everyone drinks Champagne at a horse race. The Triple Crown is so elusive a thing to win so when a horse comes around that has the possibility to do just that, you celebrate. It is a sport based on odds and favor so it is all about the numbers and not luck.Let’s see what you know about the race:

 How many horses raced in the 147th Belmont Stakes yesterday? Answer 8.

 How   many people are admitted at the track? Answer   90,000.

What was the fastest run for the Crown? Answer 2.24 minutes held by Secretariat since 1973.

How many years has it been since a horse took the Triple Crown?  Answer 37 years.

How many horses have tried since then but has failed?  Answer 13 horses.

What is the length of the track or the race? Answer 1.5 miles long.

What is the winning take for winning the race?  Answer $800.000 dollars before bets.

How heavy is the flower filled blanket that they put over the winning horse after the race?  Answer 40 pounds.

How many Carnations do the put in the drape?  Answer 700 flowers are used.

No one was able to count the amount of crazy hats people wore to the race.

Hope you bet on the right horse and can enjoy a winning take today.  

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