Saturday, June 6, 2015

Although we are years away from the next Presidential election it is never too soon to look at the flood of candidates throwing their hat into the circus rink lately. I must comment because I am not sure that everyone remembers or even knows the views and past actions that some of these people have done that clearly they should be embarrassed by and if they were normal people would go away and lead a quiet life out of the public eye; instead they are out there promoting themselves like bright beautiful peacocks. The difference is that these self- proclaimed    beautiful peacocks are really ugly old crows.

The first official Presidential Candidate for the 2016 Presidential race is Ted Cruz. He kind of reminds you of Obama in that he has been only a Senator for two years just like Obama and declared running early just like Obama did. The main difference is that Ted Cruz actually was not born in America as Obama was. Ted Cruz who presents himself as the most All-American guy ever was born in Canada and his father is Cuban. He is half Canadian and half Cuban. He made his announcement at Liberty University, the religious college of Jerry Falwell that teaches that the earth started with the Bible and not science theories. This is the guy who filibustered against Obama care on the Senate floor for 21 hours against it but now signed on for health benefits now that he is going to need it since his wife quit her job and lost her health benefits from that to help him campaign. What a two faced idiot.

Then we have Marco Rubio who looks so young that he could be Hillary’s pool boy and he tries to capitalize on his youth. His slogan is ‘A New American Century’ but he has very old ideas. He is against abortion in all instances. Against gay marriage, against immigration reform against legalizing pot and he is   against clean energy development. That all sounds like the old century to me.  Can Marco win solely on just calling Hillary an old lady?

We all know that Hillary Clinton is off and running and soon Jeb Bush will be tossing his hat in the rink too. We need to stop calling the battle between those two strong contenders a push between two dynasties. First of all the Clinton’s built their own dynasty the Bush’s Jeb and George inherited their dynasty. Their father was the President their grandfather was a senator. Besides all their luck of being pushed out of good political vagina's, shouldn’t results matter? The Clinton results were pretty good. They left the country with a budgetary surplus. The three Bush administrations left us with a $4.3 Trillion Dollars in debt and wars and chaos on our shores. What is wrong with her riding on Bill’s coat tails? Give them a third term already! Yet in terms of experience a woman who has been Secretary of State, Senator of New York and First Lady is riding on the coat tails of her husband. Stop insulting her integrity!  Wouldn’t her background make her the most experienced President in History?

Rand Paul is running for President as a Conservative yet he goes on an air craft carrier and says that if he becomes President he wants to raise the military budget to $190 Billion dollars more. How the hell is that conservative thinking? We already run the world in a military sense who else should we invade and tell how to ruin I mean run their country? Calm down Rand!

All I know is that it is going to be difficult to sell yourself as someone who can do better than President Barack Obama has done in two terms. He got rid of evil Dictators, he turned the economy around, the stock market is at all- time highs, we would have been in a deep depression without these changes, he turned the auto industry around in this country and gave Americans health care. Most importantly Obama has done something no other President did in the last 54 years and that is to lift the embargo and make Cuba love America again. We don’t have to have our children hide under desks in school worried about nuclear attack from Cuba.  Our stupid Congress just gave a break in Inheritance Taxes that will only help a small percentage of taxpayers who are already rich save money on the income they inherit. Just keep your eyes open America and look at these new people trying to invade our country politically.

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