Saturday, May 9, 2015

What is wrong with young handsome smart guys at college that think they need to rape girls? We need to call the National Guard on their fraternities against their racism forget about landing in Baltimore. College fraternities are mecca for sexist and rapist activities.  Why don’t we change the rules? From now on have fraternities to allow women and a diverse group of different races and ethnic groups. Make it so much a melting pot of people that you would feel awkward making fun of any   

So boys with a diverse group in your fraternity you will not be needing your beer funnels and ass paddles and cross sticks and your big red drinking cups and leave the fraternity if you still want to be an asshole. For now on if you want to live with 40 other guys and hold secret homo-erotic ceremonies, you are going to have to join the seminary. They will never let women be Catholic priests. It is so strange that college campuses is  where political correctness is so stringently enforced and yet stuck in the middle of all that good is disgusting frat houses. These little Vatican places of depravity that seem to enjoy diplomatic immunity from the rest of civilization. There was a time when fraternities fit in society as a whole but that day is long gone.

In 1978 the movie Animal House came out and has become a frat house Bible. In that movie a guy is considering having sex with a flat out cold high school girl and it was something for 20 years we all considered hilarious until real guys did it to real girls and got thumbs up likes on Facebook for having the most outrageous party.  Fantasy became an ugly reality.  The movie Revenge of the Nerds made in 1982 has a scene where they break into a sorority and they   install cameras so they can watch the girls take showers and we all laugh but recently Penn State’s Kappa Delta Roe Fraternity was caught doing the same stunt but this time no one is laughing.

Institutions that go out of their way to have no women around it always leads to abuse and rape. The women that are found raped   lying in ditches are usually one night stands like prostitutes or girls you pick up at bars. Liquor is always involved.  All men only golf clubs and social clubs usually disrespect women and regard them as sexual subjects. No one would violate someone they know and respect. Women’s abuse aside, every year fraternities kill someone during their initiation rituals. Since 1970 there has been at least one hazing death every year as prospective frat students have to go through alcohol poising, sleep deprivation, water boarding, being dressed in diapers, buried in trash, force fed cat food or any other humiliation and disrespect for human life.

A cult is a cult and that is what a fraternity is. It is a place where they strip you of your personality and rebuild you In their image much like any terrorist organization. When a girl says she is dating a frat guy, no one asks what he is like. We know and wish her luck.  Why would any guy want to live with a bunch of guys in a fraternity when you finally had the freedom to live with anyone you wanted to like women?  Well they say that fraternities are a tradition. The Bible in the old testaments would suggest sacrificing even your own children to God but we don’t do that. If you think tradition is a good enough reason to paint your face, degrade women, drink yourself sick, or if you think a good place for a bottle rocket is your ass, then maybe college isn’t good for you anyway.

Of all the bad things fraternities do, the absolute worst is that they take young people at the exact time when they should be learning to be individuals and turn them into insensitive animals doing crimes to humanity following group thinkers who are thinking about all the wrong things. There are a number of republican candidates who all agree that they should be in control of a woman’s vagina.  Sounds like a group of frat boys to me.  

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