Friday, May 8, 2015

Do not piss off cops. They legally carry guns. You must not resist arrest. Any complaint you have can be addressed later with the help of your attorney present. Why don’t the people of Baltimore know this? Why are people taking justice in their own hands? America is becoming the Wild West again with total anarchy in the towns burning and looting. Cops are randomly being shot and thugs with prior convictions are just daring cops to kill them. Corruption is still present on the force. So, what is the solution while all different opinions are being tossed around? Do you want to live in a place like South America or Africa   where gangs of armed men rule the land?
In Baltimore it got so bad that the Governor declared a State of Emergency and the Mayor announced a week long curfew. There were law nesses and chaos on the streets. The violence escalated despite the calls for peace. All this in the wake of a young man who died from severe injuries while in custody. They destroyed a new community center and a C VS and looted fruit stores and sneaker stores and other places of business. At least 150 officers were injured. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a rising star in her party but she failed to keep control over her city. Is this a black and white issue? I don’t think so. She is black and most of Baltimore is black and most of the rioting people were black. It makes you wonder if the violence was really about the death of Freddy Grey.

The arrest once again was captured by a bystander’s video. Grey was in pain, seemingly unable to walk and was dragged by cops to be arrested and placed in a transport van.  Reportedly a half hour later, he was unable to breath or talk. Medics rushed him to the hospital. A few days later he slipped into a coma and then later died from a severe spinal injury.  There were more questions than answers regarding his death. Why was he arrested in the first place? The police report says “ unprovoked upon noticing police presence” he was running away. No law abiding citizen runs away from cops as soon as they see one.   Six police officers have been suspend with pay while the police carried out a criminal investigation. Now all six have been arrested of which one officer has been charged with murder.

At the funeral Grey’s family begged for peace but the community acted in violence after 10 days of peaceful protest. They threw bricks at police. Black police officers were punching black men. The City of Baltimore paid out 5.7 million dollars in the last 4 years to settle more than 100 cases of alleged police brutality.  Is it black vs. white or is it black vs. blue? I think it is too many people without jobs so it is easy to start trouble when you got nothing to do. Why are there so many unemployed black men? Every other ethnic group throughout the years found a niche or occupation to bond together and do. Middle Easterners dominate cab drivers and gas stations, Orientals have restaurants and fruit stands, Hispanics have Bodegas.
The President of the NAACP,  Kweisi Mfune   is  a high school dropout and trashes the police department saying the officers plant drugs on men and inflate problems. The Black Commissioner Anthony Baits disputes the also black President of the NAACP. Most of Baltimore is being run by black people from the governor down to the police force. This is not a black or white issue. It is a problem of a city that is 50% unemployed.   

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