Sunday, April 5, 2015

It is Easter today and I hope you prepared your eggs.  I am not talking about the chicken eggs that we traditionally boil then color by dipping them in warm water with food coloring in them. Actually, it is the opposite preparation I am talking about. The practice of bright healthy and wealthy women extracting their eggs and freezing them for babies later in their lives. Some women feel that this is a necessity because they have just too much to do than to make babies in their most fertile years between ages 18-30. Yet there are uneducated women having lots of children with many men and not necessarily supported in a good household. Now there are more women in college than men. They will spend their most fertile years getting educated and finding good jobs and when they are ready for a family at times their eggs are dried up and there is no suitable man in sight.

Something must be done. We can’t have a population of stupid children from stupid parents while the wealthy any wise die out without smart kids.  It is well known that better off families tend to have less kids in general. I wish society was kinder to women. It would be nice if a bright 20 year old could focus on having her family with some nice guy. Then when she is about 30 and has experienced all the joys of motherhood to be able to then go to college and work on her career. We all know that by the time your kids are about 10 years old, they have had enough of their parents and want some independence anyway.  Right now the pressure is on for women to have it all and do it all early in their adulthood.

So, women are now having frozen eggs parties and egg freezing has become big business. Should a woman have to spend much of the money she earns as a professional educated person on the egg freezing process? High powered 30 somethings are toasting to the future of their fertility. They attend events that are geared to teaching them about the process of freezing their eggs for future use. Do they really want to be an older Mom? Some have no other choice at this point. The marketing company called EggBanxx hosts swanky parties all over the country recruiting customers. The fertility industry is worth $4 Billion dollars because now more than ever, women are delaying childbirth.  Many just have not found the right partner yet.

Some Doctors say women as young as 20 should be considering freezing their eggs. Dr. Brian Kaplan is a Reproductive Endocrinologist and says it would insure being able to sustain your reproduction capabilities to a much older age.  When I grew up saving the eggs meant don’t let the Easter Eggs fall. It is an expensive and tedious procedure. It will cost $10,000 in medications and that is just for the initial extraction.  Then it will cost an additional $500 per year to freeze and store the eggs.  When you are finally ready to have that baby it will cost an additional $5,000 to thaw, fertilize and transfer the egg to your uterus and it usually takes multiple tries. In the end the procedure can cost anywhere between $25 and $50 thousand dollars.

Even after putting your body through the drugs and the procedure and spending all that money, there is no guarantee.  Yes even then God or whatever miracle that ultimately allows us to create children depends on the right moment. The technology is relatively new and there isn’t much research on how it works. In the last 30 years there have only been 5,000 babies born from world-wide egg freezing. Both Apple and Casebook are covering some of the costs of egg freezing for their female employees.  Why don’t they support more paid family time off in order for a woman to be able to raise a child while she is young?   Social Security will give you nothing for the years you were home raising a family. Why does the problem of family relationships and career land solely on women’s shoulders?

Even the Bachelor Chris Soles knows that his new fiancée,  29 year old  Whitney  Bischoff has frozen her eggs while now waiting for him to get thrown off Dancing With The Stars TV show.  It gives her an added sense of security while she waits for them to get married and settle down on the farm.  I am not making this stuff up. So enjoy your Easter Sunday but keep an eye on those reproductive eggs in your family too. 

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