Monday, March 2, 2015

Our modern day legal thugs are the out of control pharmaceutical companies and their bitch are our doctors and we are the victims. America takes a lot of legal drugs. 70% of Americans take at least one prescription drug every day.  More than half of us 50% take two pills   a day and researchers say that nearly 4 billion prescriptions were written in 2011. Prescription drug spending has risen by %3 since then to $330 billion dollars per year.  WOW! That works out to be $1,000 per person.  Are we really all taking something regularly?

It is hard to escape the pressure. The companies spend a lot of money in TV advertising showing commercials for penis erections with two people sitting in bath tubs on a beach. Whatever that means. Or over active bladder medication showing an older woman sitting on top of a double deaker buss needing a bathroom now. It is like we are all locked up in our prison of our minds. Those never ending annoying TV commercials are only one part of the promotional games the companies play on us. Remember I said their bitch are our doctors. No matter how many commercials for their drugs we are subjected to they all end the same with the sentence,  ”Ask your doctor about Lunesta, Viagra, Myrbetriq” or whatever the commercial was selling.

Drug companies know that the doctors hold all the real power in their businesses. When are our doctors going to throw the drug pushers out of the hell of their offices? NEVER!  The companies have made doctoring too easy with all their magic potions and pills and doctors too rich just billing our medical plans for the expensive products taking their cut along the way. The marketing to doctors is out of control too. They spend nearly $4billion dollars to us in commercials telling us to ask our doctors for pills. They spend $24 billion dollars per year marketing directly to doctors. In 2013 9 out of 10 drug companies spent more money on marketing than they did on research. Drug companies according to John Oliver are like high school boys that are more interested in getting their dicks inside girls than being effective once they get there. I didn’t say that, he did.

Pharmaceutical Representatives are the foot soldiers of the companies. They are tall handsome or hot and beautiful and they are in your doctor’s office right now bringing them lunch, free samples and a great kickback deal if they write the right prescription for their stuff to you. These attractive legal drug pushers don’t even have science backgrounds but they are beautiful healthy specimens of the human bodies. It is like a mirage to a doctor who sees broken ugly broken bodies every day. Besides, who literally doesn’t want a free lunch at lunchtime?

The problem is that if the representative does not know the side effects of the drugs they are pushing it can be deadly for the patients. Doctors will ask them what to try next when other drugs have not worked for a patient effectively and do not realize they are asking detailed medical questions that should be shared with a pharmacist instead to a beautiful human specimen with a degree in communications with no knowledge of the words they are even pronouncing   like a true foreigner with blank eyes in a foreign country phonetically blurting out words. The only true conversation they share during the visit is about how good that chicken wrap for lunch tastes. UGH!

Drug companies don’t do this to be friendly, they do it because they know it works. Every time you bring a prescription to your pharmacy to be filled the information goes to laptops in representative’s   possession. They see everything the doctor does. How many prescriptions he prescribes of their drugs and of other company’s drugs. If the computer shows that he is recommending a lot of other company’s  drugs , the representative will question the doctor. So a model with a communication’s degree will shake down my doctor for making good medical decisions based on years of their experience and training in the medical field? This is soo gangster! Remember who gave you that chicken wrap and free samples Bitch!

The companies are even going further as in the case of AstraZeneca where the drug company crossed the line by pushing to doctors non FDA approved drugs to use for various uses. The practice is called going off label. They went off label with Seroquel, an anti-psychotic with dangerous side effects. The allegations were that they were pushing a drug that was to be used for very narrow uses like bi-polar disorders and schizophrenia but now pushing the use for sleepiness, dementia and depression. You can’t just give people drugs and wait and see what happens. You are a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company not a street pusher with a hand out for cash or are you?
AstraZeneca said they did nothing wrong in the lawsuit but yet paid half a billion dollars to settle the law suit. That is a lot of bucks to willingly pay out if you claim to have done nothing wrong. Every single drug company has paid out money in lawsuits to settle similar charges. They are all crooks! Johnson & Johnson paid $2 billion, Eli Lilly paid $1.4 Billion,   Pfizer   paid $2.3 Billion and GlaskoSmithKline paid a record $3 Billion to settle accusations that they pushed Wellbutrin, an anti-depressant as a cure for weight gain and sexual dysfunction. Sure they will finally sell a lot of that drug since all of America is too fat to even have sex.

I thought the happy horny skinny drug was Crystal Meth according to my local street drug dealer. The industry claims that they are changing. According to PhRMA the industry’s trade group, they will not lure the doctors to steak dinners but stick to lunches. Really? That’s it? The Justice Department filed a Civil Lawsuit against   the Swiss company Novartis for paying kickbacks and lavishly spending money on doctors including for taking some out to Hooters in exchange for prescribing it’s   drugs. Do the girls ask for separate checks or is one person paying for your influence?

It is unethical to pay doctors for their influence. We should be able to trust our doctors. There is at least a new website called OPENPAYMENTSDATA.CMS.GOV   where you can look up your doctor and see what monies he has received from companies. There is information on this site you should know.   

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