Sunday, March 1, 2015

How did your marriage proposal rate this year? Lady Gaga got her huge heart shaped ring. What did you do and how do we know you did it? Men are still getting down on one knee to pop that life changing question. Will you marry me? Now people are hiring photographers to sneak up on you and capture the moment you ask that question on film.  Like everything else you can pay your buddy nothing to get it on his cell phone camera or you can pay professionals to even get a shot from the air from a drone or helicopter. Yes, the price can vary.

They call it Paparazzi Proposals because those same guys that spy on celebrities you can pay to spy on you to get that perfect reaction shot after you propose. One guy is making a business out of it by filming proposals all over the world. His name is James Ambler who also appeared on the TV show Shark Tank in 2013.  Since then he has seen his business grow 400%. Proposals is now part of the booming wedding industry now popping at $55 million dollars per year. The base price for James’s proposal pictures is  $495  and  can only go up from there. In the age now of Instagram and Facebook people want good pictures to brag about.

The over the top engagements as seen on TV contributes to the pop culture popularity of exposing intimate moments to the world. Who can forget Kanye’s epic proposal to Kim Kardashian in 2013 on film after he rented out a professional baseball field equipped with fireworks and a full orchestra? It was all filmed for an episode to be shown on their reality show.  Season after season people watch women line up waiting for one guy to choose her and propose on the TV show The Bachelor. At least now Paparazzi Photographers are being welcomed and hired for a change. To get a few camera men to capture the moment from multiple angles, some rose petals, a few musicians to sing   the song, “ All of Me” by John Legend will cost you about $3,500 in New York City, Central Park.
Not every proposal needs to cost in the thousands. There was a time when the proposal was the only thing that didn’t cost you anything except your freedom. It should all be about the love, the most powerful bond of all.  Why is everyone’s lives on Facebook and Instagram with people tweeting and passing judgment all the time?  Is life all dependent on how many likes w get on one of these sites or all of them?  Modeling agencies are also picking candidates based on how many likes they have or friends they have already acquired or how  many views someone has already on You Tube. Kendall Jenner is a super model because she already came into the social arena with 20,000 views on anything posted about her out there. So that gives her an instant spot on a designer’s cat walk knowing they will have those 20,000 followers all of a sudden looking at their designs.  

We are in such a media driven age that even our own reality shows need to be photographed for all who we want to share it with. Private moments are not so private anymore and even wanted to be seen by all. Throw the curtains out too. Sigh! 

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