Thursday, February 19, 2015

You received your tax statements on line or in the mail already. Your 1099 or W-2 statement is your yearly financial report card.  Were you productive and did you earn lots of money last year? Doesn’t matter now you just have to make sure you have access to your return money before some imposter hacks into Turbo Tax and files and collects your checks for them.  Thieves are everywhere and it is tough to be that one step ahead of them trying to protect your meager tax return checks. Those of you who are quick stepping already received your tax return funds, so let’s go shopping.

Your new iPhone 6 has been burning a hole in your hand so it is time to buy some stuff that can   be uploaded o your phone to make it your unique device to help you in life. So take that refund check and buy some stuff.  Get the gifts for yourself that no one bought you for Christmas.  There is a bendable power strip called the Pivot Power Genius that costs about $50 dollars that has 2 outlets on it that you can control with your phone. So, from any location you can turn those outlets on or off. Great for turning the air conditioners on or off before you get home this summer or for turning lights on or off while you are away or  turn the fish tank light off when you decide to sleep somewhere else for the night. You get the ideas and can think of something you want to turn on or off from anywhere in your home from your phone.

You got that new nice sleek thin computer but you noticed that the storage is small. There is a tiny thing called the San Disk 64 Gigabyte Cruzer Fit that is a USB nub that you can place in a port and it instantly gives you 64 more gigs of space. It is fast and small and clean and just leave it right there in your computer. It cost only about $30 dollars to give you lots of more room on your computer.

Yes, I am old and need glasses at times and with that comes forgetfulness so I leave them behind somewhere. Since I have been trained to never leave anywhere without my phone,, how about buy a case that comes with flat eyeglasses in the case compartment? It is called Thin Optics and costs about $40 dollars. They don’t have ear pieces and they stay on your face. Nice.

I am sick of fighting with that damn Christmas tree every year. Next year I will be ready so I am buying now a new tree stand. It is called the Krinner XXL Stand that should be worth the $100 dollars that costs. The round thing has a foot pump that is attached to jaws on a cable that tightens from all sides at the same time. No human can do that.

I love my laser   printer at work since it prints everything to look clear and crisp but it is huge and expensive.  Go get yourself the Samsung SI-M2020W Printer for about $80 dollars because   it is inexpensive and tiny. It prints from computers and even from your phone.

I wish I could control my kids from my phone but I can’t. I can control all my remote control devices from my phone now.  Get the Harmony Home Hub for about $100 dollars and you tell it what kind of TV equipment you own and the device programs itself. Then you just use your phone to turn on everything. These are all new devices just to try to make life easier for you to have and we all need an easier less cluttered life.

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