Wednesday, February 18, 2015

If there was one thing I enjoyed this football season it was the commentary of Cris Collinsworth who broadcast this year’s Super Bowl game. He played in two Super Bowls but never broadcast a big game like that before. Now he has become the most visible talking head in the game because he is honest and not partisan, it also helps that he has a nice clear voice considering he was a NFL wide receiver in an  8 year career. He then became a lawyer but found him drawn back to football but this time as an announcer.

 I think he is now the most respected game analyst in the business. He would probably be at home talking to the screen anyway so why not do it in a booth and get paid for his babble anyway. Sunday night football is watched by 21 million people and that is why it ain’t going anywhere soon but back on TV. It is not only the number one show in all of sports but the most watched in all of TV. That is why at one time last month football was being aired in prime time as much as 4 days a week with pro and college games going on.  This is no soccer game. It is All American Football. It is where the country wild white guy plays alongside the tough crazy black guy and they all have fun.

His job is to entertain and educate to make it all seem simple and he does just that.  He is blunt and honest and is not afraid to say that something or someone is just horrible. He is not afraid to criticize his friends if need be. He does not want to get too close to the players or coaches for just that reason. He still watches a lot of games just to keep track of the 11 guys on offense and the 11 guys on defense. You can’t be watching everyone all the time and then be able to make a comment one second after a play. So, he does his homework and studies the playing patterns of the main players on every team. That is a lot of self- discipline and home work.

His partner is veteran broadcaster Al Michael's who he gets along well. His beautiful wife is Holly and they have been married to each other for 25 years. He will watch the linemen because everyone else is watching the ball.AL Michael's has been broadcasting NFL games in prime time since 1986 working next to Howard Cosel,  John Madden and now Cris.  Al admires everything Chris has to say because it is always a well thought out statement or he wouldn’t say it. As a lawyer myself, I admire how he thinks. Cris had a career before all this as being the star wide receiver first at the College of the University of Florida then in the pro-league with the Cincinnati Bengals who he helped lead to 2 Super Bowls.
He is tall and was known for his speed in getting down the field.  He got cut by the team and 2 days later HBO called him and poof he became a broadcaster. His wife was pregnant and so he did whatever they wanted like silly feature pieces and soon he was commenting on games for NBC.  Now they are raising 4 kids who are all athletes. All 4 state high school champions and all 4 coached by their father.  One kid is in Harvard 2 kids are in Notre Dame one works for the Golf Channel. Is it possible to love your job, love your wife and love your kids? It sure is in his world.

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