Saturday, February 14, 2015

We have arrived! It is here! The most passionate weekend of the year. Today is a Saturday of a long holiday weekend with it being February 14, Valentines Day. Love must be in the air because so far the news has not reported anyone getting their head chopped off yet even though we are in the middle of the weekend. There still is time for evil to persist. But so far, they reported that there have been the lowest number of homicides in New York   City ever reported. Probably because it is too cold and icy to go around killing people. Most importantly the new movie Fifty Shades of Grey has been released and they expect it might bring in as much as a million dollars this weekend. Are people that horny?

To hell with chocolates, they give you diabetes. Save your money on flowers, they will die from the extreme cold before you even get them to her. Stay home and let her go with her looser girlfriends all giggly to see the stupid movie. However, if you are a lonely guy, I bet all the women no matter what age shape or size will leave that theater all primed and ready for an evening of wild and crazy sex. You don’t even have to make some alcoholic drinks. So, thank you for also writing those Fifty Shades of Grey Books that got them all interested in the movie now. Call it a sexual holiday weekend. Why do we get Monday off again? Not that kind of off. Off from work but Hmnnnnn Monday too. Nice!

I went into the paint store and asked the guy if he had fifty shades of grey. He said he could work on that by looking at his hair. I thought I was the one who had the joke. Not for long. But there is someone who invested in joking about the fifty shades phenomenon. There is a show out there with Ashley Ward starring in a show called 50 Shades! The Musical Parody and it is just that. A parody on the way too much publicized stupid books and now movie. Whether you love it or hate it, the 50 Shads avalanche   is everywhere even selling handcuffs in Target packaged under the movie title. The erotic book has the guy saying, “I don’t do romance!” as he immediately takes her to bed. If I did that I would probably get kicked out of bed.

He then puts a grey blindfold over her eyes and she lets him. The film will be stealing hearts this weekend and will be doing nothing between romance and your partner. Sure, they will be having sex with you but I bet they will be thinking about whatever crap they remembered from the books and now from this erotic movie. It got bad reviews but love it or hate it,   50 Shades of Grey has become its own industry selling lingerie and grey teddy bears or teddy bears wearing suits and ties. The musical is so kinky it is comical.  This weekend tickets to the musical are sold out. I wonder if they will feel so horny after laughing about scenes in the movie?

One thing for sure the movie will be seeing lots of green and not red this weekend. Green as in the color of money. I think I will put a suit and tie on and now hope for the best! Enjoy your weekend!

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