Friday, February 13, 2015

I wish all Americans could see the crazy commercials being shown all over the world advertising how foreigners can get green cards to America. We don’t even know that our government runs the program for foreigners as long as they come up with a half million dollars. With that kind of money they get Visas that can lead up to a Green Card. Is that how terrorists are getting legally into our country? When the hell did we vote on this policy? We didn’t.

Defenders of the program say that this is a way to generate investments and create American jobs but is this little known program here letting in terrorists and spies? Ordinary citizens of any foreign country have a hard time trying to get that kind of money together to go anywhere. There are a growing number of big projects going up thanks to foreign investors like the new SLS Casino in Las Vegas.  The foreign investors have been well rewarded under a little known Federal Program known as EB-5 Immigrant Investor under the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  To me it all looks like a $500,000 Green Card.

Some 10,000 American Visas are issued under this program which is widely advertised overseas.  You will see commercials on TV in Russia, to  Iran  and China. The program has already built a sports arena in New York, a water park in Vermont and the Hollywood movie company called Lionsgate has been funded by this money.  They have even financed FBI Office Buildings. Peter Joseph is the Executive Director of a thing called Invest In the USA and is in charge of this program. He defends the program as going nothing but good things for the United States. The EBS Program published an Executive Summary in February 2013.

Since then more than 30 projects under the EBS Program have been under investigation for investors connected to narcotics trafficking, money laundering, fraud, espionage and other National Security concerns. It makes sense because only guys involved in these underhanded occupations have plenty of cash to spare. Senator Charles Grassley a republican who is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is on the case.  In the case of the SLS Casino, hundreds of people received United States Visas. One of the applicants was a known child pornographer and he was approved. Others got visas too even after they were found to have used fraudulent and falsified documentation about the source of their money.
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The concern is that   spies are gaining access to our country through this program.  The most serious security concerns involve Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp. that operatives may be using the program to infiltrate the United States.  I say get rid of the program, we don’t need it. We are investigating a company called American Logistic International which is a Southern California shipping company that advertises on Iranian TV as a way to get into the program. The company is owned by an Iranian and who was known for smuggling practices. Do we really need to give such a big hole as a way to get into our country? Hell No not during these times. Hopefully Homeland Security will get more involved and control this program. We lost too many good American soldiers protecting our country to now under the guise of money and jobs just let the bad guys here legally.

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