Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Yes let’s briefly take one more look at America’s new favorite family.  I am talking about the real Brady family. Weather you were rooting for the Patriots or the Sea Hawks at the Super Bowl, you could not deny noticing those rocket straight passes Tom Brady threw throughout the entire game. His rugged handsomeness as he towers over most players in his tallness too and I’m not gay. The man seems to have it all. The great career, beautiful wife,   lovely children. God Bless them.

He has now set Super Bowl records and is ridiculously rich. He just gave the truck he won to a fan. His super model wife makes more money than he does. What a jackpot that is in a man’s life! Is there something special in the water in the Brady house to give them those adorable kids? Even after 15 years at the job of playing football he exhumed a childlike enthusiasm at the end of the game by jumping up and down as soon as he won the Super Bowl again. His wife models underwear and lets the world know what he gets in his bedroom. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Junior is a model himself for fuzzy suede slippers.

He just won his 4th Super Bowl and proved that he is one of the two greatest quarterbacks in the NFL. You can debate whether it is him or Joe Montana. The facts are that he ties with Joe   in that they both have 4 rings and are 3 Most Valuable Player votes in.  Tom eclipses Joe in that he has the most touchdown passes of 13 in Super Bowls. Yes we still have not solved the mystery of the deflated balls and even if it is proved that Brady sucked the air out of those balls himself, Teflon Tom will still be beloved.

Look, we all need a hero and he is that squared jawed jock who gets the girl and lifts the trophy high.  He gives hope to all of us late bloomers and dreamers. Sic quarterbacks were drafted ahead of him. Not one of them are even still in the National Football League or ever won a Super Bowl. His head should be as big as a balloon now but no, he quietly goes into the night with his wins, his girl, his millions and his great kids.   Nice.

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