Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hunting just got a lot prettier. I blame it on Jennifer Lawrence and her Hunter Games Movies. Meanwhile girls have been increasingly been getting interested in the sport. Hunting used to be a man’s excuse to get away from women. Not have to shave, drink beer for breakfast and kill things. Now females who have an eye for adventure and a desire to eat fresh meat are entering the hunting arenas   and the women are hot. Yes beautiful women from outdoor enthusiasts to beauty queens. Eva Shockey is a Canadian hunter who has even revolutionized hunting gear. She has modeled new lines of camouflage that are fit for a woman’s curves.

In the hunger Games the Jennifer Lawrence character is a strong stone cold killer with a bow and arrow. She is the anti-Barbie doll for a generation of strong fit beautiful women. Eva is the real thing. She is a professional hunter with a bow or a gun. Now women are moving in on what was a traditionally a man’s sport. Some men resent her and sloppy women resent her too. She has also been in the middle of animal rights activists who do not want any hunting of any kind. Beautiful girls can have problems too. Eva posed with a 500 pound bear she just killed in North Carolina and was criticized. Threats poured in on Facebook and she had 5,000 death threats in one day.

Eva is the co0host of her father’s hunting show called Jim Shockeys Uncharted.  She claims that she would eat the meat from that bear. How much meat can she eat? The number of female hunters grew nearly 5 times as fast as male hunters between the years 2006-2011. Eva has become the face of that trend. She is only the second woman to ever be on the cover of Field & Stream in the magazine’s 120 year history. The other woman was the Queen of England back in 1976 and not there for her hunting ability. Growing up she started going along on hunting trips with her dad. She did not go hunting herself until she was age 20. Her first kill was an emotional experience.

Eva has an endorsement deal with under armour creating a new line of hunting clothing for women. Theresa Vale, Miss Kansas in the 2013 Miss America Pagent,  wanted to show off her sharp shooting skills in the talent competition. They didn’t let her saying it would be too dangerous. Sarah Palin has her hunting show of sorts on the Sportsman Channel. She never made it to the White House but they call her the first lady of the outdoors.  Whatever you think of hunting, women like Eva Shockey are not going anywhere.I know that these hot skinny women could not ever eat the amount of meat they are able to kill. I hope they stick to a lot of target shooting to continue their rising popularity.

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