Monday, February 23, 2015

NASCAR says that missing lug nuts are Ok in a race. REALLY? That sounds like the most irresponsible scary thing I have heard yet from a sporting organization. Usually they represent everything good and safe and responsible about their sport but this is just crazy. We all know that we will patiently watch 500 laps of a race secretly waiting to see a major crash and no one will admit that but setting up a car for disaster is practically pre-meditated murder. How are they getting away with this new policy?  And Why?

In a change from previous years, NASCAR won’t be monitoring to insure pit crews use five lug nuts on each tire before cars leave the pit road, leaving the decision up to the teams. This new policy can save teams time, but the risk for disaster is compounded. Driver Brad  Keselowski   said, “I expect wheels to fall off race cars. We’re going to push it until we hit   it to the   limit.” What is the limit to these idiots? Suicide?  I understand fanatic sports geeks talking this kind of trash but I cannot believe that a major organization like NASCAR would allow and now practically endorse such a dangerous policy. Just tell these guys to go out there and kill yourselves as fast as you can already.

Should we also manufacture cars with less lug nuts too? That would save car manufactures lots of money. Safety should always be a key factor especially in an already dangerous sport. In Daytona Beach, Florida, NASCAR estimates by de-regulation a race team could save a valuable fraction of a second.  Well then could we save an entire second if we send them out with only one lug nut? Go for it you idiots and crash and burn early. This is the latest suicide mission I have heard of yet in this country. I say give the bastards an extra second of time for free but for safety’s   sake get out there with all your nuts!
Driver Kyle Busch said. “I’m just going to raise my disability and life insurance policies”. In the past NASCAR had an official in each pit stall to monitor whether all five lug nuts were on the wheel. Those lug nuts didn’t have to be really tightened, they just had to be on. Now NASCAR no longer has pit officials in the pit at all so crews can essentially do whatever they want. Is NASCAR saving money on employees? Why? No one even knows what crews are practicing to neglect to have an advantage in a race.  This also opens the door to some teams doing one thing while another team is doing another thing. That is not a fair race in my opinion.

This all cheapens the sport, is a bad example to our kids and makes large organizations like NASCAR look reckless rather than a forum for a fun and safe sport. Should I tell my kid let’s see who will crash and burn first? I used to say let’s see if the fair safe driver who makes good passing decision win the race. Stupid people! A loose wheel wouldn’t be good for several reasons.  First, the wheel could fly off. If a wheel flies off it can go into the stands. Should we sell life insurance policies as we enter a race now?

NASCAR’s decision must be just to save the cost of official’s salaries in each pit because although they have soften on regulations they have increased penalties and rules. NASCAR has promised that if a wheel comes off, it will result in a P3   penalty this year which could mean a fine, a loss of points and a crew chief suspension.  Is NASCAR playing GOD with these guys? It reminds me of the forbidden fruit story from the Bible. If Adam and Eve ate from the one forbidden tree in paradise all evil would break loose. You know guys will be driving without their nuts and taking chances. Sunday started NASCAR races. Bring a helmet to the races folks. Good Luck!

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