Sunday, February 22, 2015

Everyone is exhausted from these snow falls that happen every few days.  We barely have time to recover before the next one comes. That is good news for TV and good news for the Oscars that will be given out tonight. Waking up to lots of snow that needs to be cleared again should leave lots of tired people tonight willing to see the most talented and most beautiful and most famous Americans give each other yet another prestigious award for doing their job. They already receive recognition through the Screen Actors Guild, The people’s Choice, The Golden Globes and now the same people who got statues at those events will probably pick up their Oscar too tonight as I thaw out in front of the tube.

Ellen broke Twitter with her Oscar selfie shot last year. What will Neil Patrick Harris do to top that kind of exposure to the telecast? At the Oscars we get to see 3 hours of shows before the event where we can witness our American royalty, actors and actresses literally pausing and smiling for cameras while wearing designer clothes and fabulous jewels. At that point we can instantly fantasize who we would sleep with if we could.  They say the good stuff is found behind the red carpet. The juicy gossip, the private preparations and all the effort to put on an award show.

Neil is 41 years old and it will be his first time hosting the Oscars.  He had a lot of practice practically putting on his own musical when he hosted the Tony Awards. He offered to us a half time show of singing and dancing at the Emmy’s too.  He has some big shoes to fill from Ellen, Billy Crystal and Seth McFarlane who were recent past hosts. We have all fantasized about some kind of acceptance speech we would give given the opportunity with a hair brush for a microphone and our mirror in the tightly locked bathroom mirror. We like to see how eloquent the professional acceptance people are at getting yet more awards for themselves.

Neil has proven that he can assimilate into any role. Fans loved him a s Barney who was a well-dressed womanizer on the show called How I Met Your Mother.  He also played the creepy ex-boyfriend in Gone Girl. When he is not acting he is home raising 4 year old twins with his husband David. We still need to see the Oscars where British actors we don’t know get awards for movies we haven’t seen.  This year is a very white award show since no black actors were nominated. We did have black movies like Selma that is nominated for best picture despite a great cast. Julianne   Moore   played in the past Sara Palin and is now playing a woman who is slowly losing her mind. Is it a sequel?
At least the weather is great in Los Angeles but everywhere else the weather is driving people crazy.  Maybe take a cruise to the islands this week. The most watched Oscar telecast was in 1998. 55.2 million viewers   saw “Titanic” win for Best Picture. What is so great about movies anyway? They only pass a few hours of your time. The movie houses used to store all the costumes and props from movies. Now people like Debbie Reynolds are profiting from auctioning off the stuff. She made $26 million dollars from selling stuff like Marilyn’s white dress from the movie called the Seven Year Itch in 1955. Dorothy’s ruby slippers from the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz is probably the most memorable prop from any movie yet it was stored on a shelf for years at MGM.

Now a lot of people want a piece of a movie. People have emotional connections to props now that they know that everything is for sale. Steve Wynn, the casino owner paid over $4 million dollars for the Maltese Falcon.  The motion picture academy is about to turn a corner in Los Angeles into a $300 million dollar museum. Leonardo DiCaprio just paid a lot of money for those ruby slippers again and already donated them to the museum. So, now they will have a proper home. So, on a cold Oscar night, if you can’t be there, there is no place like home to sit back and enjoy the show like home.  

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