Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why doesn’t Obama care cover long term care? Why are there NO RESOURCES, NO MONETARY, NO HOSPIC help for those who they say are in the middle of finances?  I am talking about the millions of elderly people alive still who are not quite poor enough to qualify for Medicaid which unlike Medicare does take care of many long term expenses. They are not rich enough to pay for long term care out of their pocket. Yet if these people are dirt poor, they qualify for everything. So you wonder why the middle class is so angry?   These are good people that are proud that they spent a lifetime providing a basic living for their families and now insurance shuts the door on them? Why?

So who is taking care of Great grandpa who is still alive? Grand-pa. People in their 60’s who just had their pensions raped to pay for Obama care dirt poor people. People in their 60’s who are now living on less than half the pay they worked for all their lives and now have to check up on Great –Grandpa each and every day till they die. According to the Family Care Alliance, some 45 Million Americans are currently taking care for an elderly family member. I think we all should take care of our own but not to the point where a family member must give up their cars, jewelry and anything they can sell to pay for Great-Grandpa’s needs. Why doesn’t Obama care cover these people?
The problem of long term care is becoming a national crisis as more people are living longer with limited resources. 70% per cent of people over the age of 65 will need care of some kind whether in their home or in an institution before the end of their life.  That is tens of millions of people. While there are insurance policies that cover long term expenses, they are out of financial reach for many. People just can’t afford to pay for yet another kind of insurance policy. Like anything else in this country, you can get a loan too as long as you can prove that you don’t need a loan. Is there any booze left after the New Year’s Party?

Unfortunately only 7% per cent of people who are in need of long term care, are able to rely on the private insurance options offered today. THESE ARE BIG ISSUES FOR FAMILIES THAT CAN NOT BE IGNORED ANYMORE. No one wants any of this to be happening. Retired people want to finally enjoy their retirement while they can and the very elderly do not want to be a burden to anyone. People don’t want to even put up with the government   and their phony promises to good tax paying citizens. There is a group called The Village Movement that began in 2001 where some elderly people got together with a common cause. They were determined not to old age homes and founded a place called Beacon Hill Village.

They want to be able to stay in their own homes in a responsible way that is safe that will not be dependent on their children and allow them to live their lives the way they want to and yet access help when they need it. THIS SHOULD NOT BE A DREAM BUT BE THE NORM FOR OUR OLDEST CITIZENS THAT SPENT THEIR LIVES MAKING THIS COUNTRY GREAT. Today Beacon Hill Village had 340 members who pay dues of about $1,000 per couple per year. Charitable contributions from the community provides reduced rates for the less affluent. To keep them active, there are arranged outings, field trips and restaurant dinners. Membership pays for transportation to doctor’s visits and grocery   or mall stores. A small staff of people are there with them to assist them if needed. True freedom is living where you want to live and do what you want to do and eat when you want to eat when you are 90 years old.

There are now 140 Villages across the country and over 100 more in development.  These type of solutions is the answer because Federal officials do not want to deal with the crisis in long term care. They are in bed with the insurance companies that just want you to pay for more policies. Meanwhile Great grandpa who doesn’t have a disgruntled Grandpa to watch over him is just dying not even being able to afford his medication. Get involved this year. Obama’s election slogan was Change. Make sure we do something to make good changes for the working class now elderly folks of America.

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