Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Super Bowl is here and nothing has changed in a week of revelations, accusations and just braking the rules of the game. What else is new with a league that doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t pay cheerleaders a decent wage, doesn’t fire players are abusive to their wives, girlfriends and children in their personal lives doesn’t fire guys that are out to permanently injure other players and now of all things purposely deflate footballs to give a team an extra edge in the game, cheating and the Big game isn’t even here yet. But they are still getting $8000 dollars for the worst seats in the stadium.

The question still remains, Did they or didn’t they deflate 11 out of 12 balls in the game?

After a week of speculation, nothing is solved, no one is fired or fined and the big business of getting as much money out of the game as possible goes on. As usual, money trumps ethics. The right thing would be to throw the bums out! The New England Patriots are fighting back against accusations of un-sportsmanship conduct. Did they gain a strategic advantage during a Championship game? The press has called the scandal “Deflate-gate. “   I guess after Watergate investigations in the Nixon era in Washington however here there doesn’t seem to be much of an investigation.

It was a second quarter play that led to questioning the integrity of the AFC champions. D’qwell Jackson, a linebacker for the Colts intercepted a pass from Tom Brady and allegedly felt that the ball was lighter than   normal. It turned out that q1 out of 1w balls were questionable. That is no accident when soo many balls used to defeat the Indianapolis Colts were under-inflated. At the start of the third quarter referees had the Patriots balls inflated to regulation size. If the inflation problem did effect the game, was it already too  late? By this time the Patriots were ahead by ten points. I say throw Brady and his bums out.

There are advantages to working with a deflated football. According to Mark Brunell a former NFL Quarterback, He says it is easier to grip a deflated football and easier to dig your hand into the football.  The balls were deflated two pounds per square inch less than league standards making them easier to  grasp and catch. This is a first in all the years of football or at least they were caught doing. In 2007 Bill Belichick, the Patriots Head Coach was fined for videotaping the Jets sideline signals during a game so they can have an advantage. I say throw the bums out for cheating before and now too.

While the Patriots were fined $250,000 dollars for spying Belichick was ordered to pay $500,000 dollars for his role in the scandal. Where does all this money go and why are these guys allowed to coach again? How do you explain to high school players that if you cheat you still get to play in the Superbowl? It is all ethically wrong. So watch the Super Bowl this year and even root for the Patriots if you are into cheating, corruption and scandal as so much of America now accepts as normal. Ugh!

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