Thursday, January 1, 2015

It is New Year’s Eve.. The guests will leave soon and all that remains are the ones you live with and the remains of bottles of cheer that need to be cleaned up and tossed. We all need to clean up our act and what better time than in a new year. We will drink  tonight and toast to those who died and to those who accomplished good things.  We will toast to babies born and better wealth or new gadgets we were able to afford for each other.  I guess we just want more drinks. I want to give credit to this great country of ours. America is always there to step up to the plate and take action. We have been trying to enforce peace and taking down the bad guys for 17 years now in the Middle Ease.
Now we are feeding the world. There is no doubt that with war there is hunger. War is still everywhere. Hate prevails over forgiveness and love. Tempers flare even within our own households. It is the nature of the human beast within us.  We should all be aware as Americans of the good we do for the world. We have an organization called The World Food Program. It is the emergency first responder to hunger anywhere on the globe. The United Nations launched WFP in 1961 at the urging of the United States.  Today the United States pays the biggest part and pays the bills as the World Food Program steps up to the plate literally and feeds 80 Million people per year.

After war has destroyed cities and homes the children still need to eat. In Syria it is the worst conditions for families now. As it is the border of Syria and Jordan is total desert. Families that have been bombed out of their homes and communities walk 300 miles to the Jordan border looking for food for a life again with small children who die on the journey. This is no Biblical story, this is now starting in  2015 and still continuing. More than a few million people have already crossed the border into Jordan so far during the five year civil war in Syria. They used to be office workers, shop keepers, teachers. Now they share one occupation to save their families, their children from starvation. The journey is 10 days of misery. Walking the desert is safer than the bombing all around them at home what is left of their homes.  

Everyday sometimes up to 100,000 people arrive at the border fleeing the madness in Syria. They arrive filthy with matted hair from the sand winds. Dirty clothes, malnourished and very thirsty. The World Food Program immediately gives the families food and water and load the people into trucks that take them to refugee camps. There is room for everyone on the trucks but the women load their children on the trucks first just in case there is no room for them. Saving the children is their priority over themselves. It is getting worse in Syria instead of better in Syria even after five years of fighting. These trucks are their only hope now for survival. The war started there against their Dictator now it is a war against starvation. The Dictator says kneel to me or starve to death. What is wrong with these men that are willing to lose a generation of children to starvation?

The United States donates more than 1/3 of the 4 Billion dollar annual budget. We   supply more than 3,000 trucks. 45 thousand metric tons of food are delivered every month.   Today the United States have fed 75 countries plagued by war or weather. It has an air force, a   navy and an army of 14,000 people. We teach farming around the world and we get no funding from the United Nations. We raise the entire budget from donations and companies and governments and individuals. The Syrian problem is the greatest one yet. There are 130,000 camps in the desert filled with people. Where there was only desert there are supermarkets filled with choices. The families are given vouchers where they choose what they want to eat and can cook their own meals and live with dignity as a family again. Happy New Year to you too.

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