Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I am tired of hearing the names and cities of the black men with criminal record who resisted police and ended up dead like they are some kind of hero. We need America to be educated about the silent hero that go through life being unassuming and just doing the right things for people. There is one black man nobody knows about because he somehow didn’t get killed by the police. Those idiots did not get killed by the police, they died as a result of their own resisting antics.

At one point number 60 Jason Brown was one of the best centers in the National Football League. At one point he had a five year seven million dollar contract with the Saint Lewis Rams. He could have made his money rain   as many rich athlete do. Spend his cash on hot women and fast cars, carry weapons, do   drugs   till they eventually self   destruct financially and reputation wise. This guy was and is different because he decided that it was all meaningless and just walked away from football.

His agent told him that he was making the biggest mistake of his life. Why? Maybe because if he walks the agent doesn’t make any money off of him anymore. Jason was sure that his decision to walk was no mistake. So what could possibly be better in life than making multi millions of dollars playing a game?

Jason Brown quit football to be a plain old farmer even though he never farmed a day in his life. He learned how to farm from You Tube videos and from some good advice from other farmers in Lewisburg, North Carolina. This season he harvested his first five acre plot of sweet potatoes. Driving his tractor he was amazed to see them popping out of the ground. He never felt more productive or successful in his life.  He is not trying to take down another man and possibly injure them or himself for life. Football is dangerous. Not really a fun game. Creating food from dirt is fun and safe and fulfilling to him.

His plan for his farm which he calls First Fruits Farm is to donate the first fruits of every harvest to food pantries. He donated all five acres worth of sweet potatoes. It was one hundred thousand pounds of sweet potatoes. Other locals find it unusual that a farmer would grow a crop just to give away. Jason plans to do more next year. He owns 1,000 acres which could go a long way into eliminating hunger in this area of North Carolina. Jason says that love is the best currency you can give anyone.  So the next time I see a parade or a Presidential speech I want to hear black people mention black guys like Jason Brown from North Carolina and have the kids learn about him . A good man . Not an unruly convicted thug. Celebrate good lives. 

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