Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I always liked her but I still don’t know why. She is Peg Bundy from the old TV show Married With  Children. Her real name is Katey  Sagal. She is still a TV Mom but even then she was hardly the best Mom ever. On the biker series Sons of Anarchy she is still a Mom but her motherly instincts are usually shown by her literally punching someone out. This show is no comedy but a drama filled with serious complications. She still wears tight clothes and big boots and is sexy still after all these years only this Mom is a bad ass not flakey at all.

She plays the head of a drug smuggling motorcycle gang. The story is almost Shakespearean. It is like Hamlet  but only on Harley Davidson motor bikes. Despite here crudeness she is quick to profess that nothing gets in the way of taking care of her family. Katey has a whole new audience now that she is on the cover of Biker Magazine. As an actress she has proved to push the boundaries of motherhood to the limit weather in a comedy or a drama successfully. With all of her TV success Katey always wanted to be famous for something else. Her music.

Katey has recorded three albums including her most recent called, Covered. She is shocked when she finds out that most people do not associate her with music. Katey was born into a musical family. Her mother was a singer and her famous father Boris directed many successful television series while growing up in Los Angeles. Boris Sagal directed The Twilight Zone, The Man From  U.N.C.L.E. and  Colombo.  Seeing all those production sets, she still did not want to be an actress. In high school she would be joining bands and playing guitar. Then she was singing backup vocals for Bette Midler in her shows. Katey was one of Midler’s famous Harlettes. She also sang with Etta James, Tanya Tucker and Bob Dylan.

Her acting break happened when she decided to play a bit part as a reporter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She got called back for more appearances but still considered music her thing and performed in bars along Sunset Boulevard. Before she realized it, drugs and booze became constant companions and her vices took over her performances. She has been sober now for 28 years. It was in recovery where her life really turned around because it was there where she met her husband who was also in recovery. Kurk Sutter is also the creator of Sons of Anarchy and he wrote the role of Jemma specifically for his wife. Katey has earned a Golden Globe for her acting performance. She is still the happiest singing.  I still don’t know why I like my generation’s crazy TV mom but I do.

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