Sunday, December 21, 2014

Now the thugs who happen to be black are killing cops randomly in this country because they wear a uniform. That is what happened in New York yesterday when two cops sitting in their patrol car were shot in the head. They were killed by a black man who had 15 convictions and who also shot his girlfriend in Baltimore. It marks a new change in race relations in this country who protested because although people have a history of breaking the law , protestors reject the thugs finally going to their death because they did not comply with the laws of this country.
What happened to these two officers who were just sitting in their patrol car can be compared to our brave soldiers in foreign countries who wear a uniform and are killed for simply wearing that uniform.   The kid killed in Ferguson had a toy gun that looked just like a real gun and just robbed a grocery store and resisted arrest. The 400 pound man in New York had 31 convictions and resisted arrest. This guy posted on social media that he was going to go out and kill pigs. The name they use for law enforcers. Who should be protesting who?

What do black men want in this country? Do they want a land run by gangs as in Africa? There are gangs of men in Africa with weapons who rob, rape and take whatever they want whenever they want. No money is given to a charity or to help clean running water or housing for the people. Disease is rampart. We are a nation of many types of people who believe in freedom but we want laws and comfort and peace. The two officers shot were of Hispanic and Asian descent. Two men of different races who believe in a safe community for all Americans.

The problem in America is that the laws involving gun possession is different for every state thus the sentencing for crimes in each state can vary dramatically. Prison time is hard time but we have laws that offer no flexibility in sentencing. The question always arises, does the punishment really fit the crime? In Florida there exists some of the toughest gun possession laws. They were written years ago to curb the drug trade there but there are people who never shot a bullet at someone who are serving 20 years to life for possessing a gun and firing it even not at a target. There is a case where a homeowner shot a warning shot at an intruder into his own wall and was convicted and now facing 20 years in jail.

The homeowner was charged with shooting into a building with a firearm, aggravated assault and child endangerment. When he went on trial a year later a jury convicted him of all charges. Then the judge sentenced him to 20 years in Florida State Prison. It is the mandatory minimum. It means that he will serve every day in prison. It didn’t matter that Lee Willard who is white was a first offender and did not physically injure anyone.   In Florida, conviction for aggravated assault   involving a gun means an automatic 20 years. That is the mandatory minimum sentence.  Lee Willard’s case is just one of thousands of cases in this country involving drug offences in which the punishment is determined by mandatory sentencing   laws.

Laws that were created by legislators who strip away powers from judges that they feel are too lenient and give it instead to prosecutors. The violent criminals are treated the same way the non- violent first offenders are treated. Black or white, thugs should be put away before they do more harm to a society in general.  The lady who holds up the scales of justice is blind to race and color. We are all suffering from frustrated mean cops and from thugs that go from state to state being harmful to everyone.


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