Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Now that the race for President should be stirring up, why don’t we just give the White House to the Clintons and let them battle out who will make the executive decision on just about anything? They are the most experienced man and woman on American politics. He already was President and she survived holding the high executive position of Secretary of State. Both served our country well internationally and domestically. Sex scandal aside, emotions aside from her, the budget was balanced and terrorism was under control and America was loved by other countries when they were living in the White House. We should not be worried about how old they both are. They are healthy and wisdom does take time.
Look at what happened in California. Governor Jerry Brown returned to office after many years and after Arnold left the state in a real mess. Jerry is now 76 and will not be considered a candidate for President despite his ability to govern well because of his age.  Should we have age discrimination? There is no discrimination in Congress or the House or Senate. Many guys die holding their important government jobs or finally retire close to 90 years old drooling and in wheelchairs. Why is ageism a acceptable prejudice in America? Maybe because all our presidents start the job looking vibrant and happy and young. Each year we see the smiles disappear and their hair turn white. Surely we can’t have someone start the job grumpy and old looking.

The fact remains that Jerry Brown took a broken state, California, and fixed it. He also did it in the 1970’s. Age is relative. Jane Fonda looks half her age. Pop stars look their age. A woman was 64 when she swam alone for no money or contest from Cuba to Florida. Lindsay Lohan is 28 and can’t walk from the limo to the bar in a straight line. Tony Bennett is 88 and Lady Gaga is using him to seem important singing his songs with his band. Where do people go for advice about the most important thing on earth? Money? They   go to see what 84 year old Warren Buffet is saying and doing with his vast wealth. We should be worshiping the wisdom we have here on earth. Besides, the Rolling Stones still rocks and Justin Bieber sucks.

Jerry Brown may be 76 but he runs 3 miles a day and he does yoga whereas the only exercise Chris Christy does is lifting the chicken leg to his mouth often. Four years ago CNN replaced 81 year old Larry King   with air bag Pierce and we all miss Larry and want him back.  Larry was not let go because he got worse at his job. He got let go simply because of his age. He does a web show and hasn’t stopped working. Eventually the girl with the dragon tattoo becomes the old lady with the ugly dragon. Life is all about being beautiful when you are young and wise when you are old. Deal with it. Our culture doesn’t respect the elderly. We venerate the young and let them rule everything making mistakes along the way. We are quick to fill the nursing homes with old people staring at walls till they die instead of seek answers to life’s problems through their grey wisdom filled eyes. They have been there and done everything a young person still has to do.

We should be called the generation of the ass. We worship and fondle and stare at what women can do with their ass especially if it is a pronounced one like Kim Kardashian’s ass displayed on magazine covers. Or Nicki Minaj   singing about asses. America is still a teenager of a country young and dumb. We need to seek and listen to the wisdom of our old and wise citizens even if their asses are saggy and limp. Ugh

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