Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All the protestors complaining about how bad white people are, they should take their racism away and think twice of how white people have enhanced their lives. This might already sound terribly racist but the fact remains that all over the world it seems the whiter the complexion of the people the safer, cleaner and more civilized the country is functioning whatever country you are visiting. It is upsetting because some dark countries really need so very much to even just control disease that can affect the entire world. It is upsetting to still see Haiti suffering from the devastating earthquake that occurred a while ago. Their corrupt government is not cleaning or fixing up that place fast enough. The beautiful thriving Dominican Republic is right next door and is a thriving economy.

Africa is one of the most beautiful paradises on earth filled with exotic animals and full of resources and gems. The people there are filled with disease, men are in gangs, women get raped and children sit in their waste in the dirt. This is unacceptable. The world’s worst diseases are coming from this area of the world. Aids and now Ebola to name the most recent. Liberia is the source of Ebola. More people have died from this disease than anywhere else. Where is the outrage from black people and all people over this outbreak? No one is giving credit to the thousands of educated Americans, mostly white Americans leading the response to eradicate the disease there. Soldiers, doctors, nurses and construction men are there building decent hospitals instead of a dirty pick up truck with a tarp on it the Liberians call an Ambulance. The patient treatment from Liberians is to isolate a person with Ebola alone in the field till they die. Where are the protestors fighting against the treatment of these people?

Liberia is located just above the equator and is part of the last remaining parts of the rain forest. Ebola thrives in tropical humid conditions. The International Medical Corp. is one of the groups working to make sanitary conditions in a very poor part of the world.   Now there are men hunting people with thermometers instead of guns trying to find anyone who may be wandering around spreading the disease. Checkpoints are set up with cleaning stations of highly chlorinated water. Ebola is different from other diseases in that it spread from larger areas of people with easy access to the big cities and airports being able to quickly spread the disease all over the world. A one disease hospital was recently built there to house only Ebola patients. American doctors from American universities are the bravest ones putting their highly trained and educated lives on the line for complete strangers who due to corruption have to live in the dirt.

Since they opened in mid- September there are more cleaning and bleaching areas of everything everywhere. They already treated more than 200 patients. Every room has a cleaning station for shoes and washing of hands. There are sections of areas where no one can enter without layers of protection. We can contain and be rid of this disease or we can be careless and spread immediately a disease that can possible destroy the human race. Where are the protestors protesting the carelessness of the African tribes to provide their people with sanitary conditions? When are black people going to take a global responsibility for their careless actions? In this country looting, civil disobedience and thugs are not to be tolerated of any race. Is it white people’s faults that disease and general inability to rise from the ashes of destruction seem to be a dark race problem all over the world? Anyone and everyone can at least keep their individual space clean and neat and should take care of their own children.

The shocking thing about Ebola is that one can be dead within days. In the sweltering heat, most people must wear suits of plastic that no one can even recognize each other. Their names must be printed on the head of their suits or you do not know who you are talking to. White Americans are there saving black people. American black people are wearing shirts condemning their own protective police   forces against American thugs.   Until white Americans went to Liberia there    wasn’t even a way set up for these people to detect the disease. The United States Army is currently building 17 treatment centers. There is still no cure and the virus is killing about 17% of people daily. Tracking down infected people is still a problem since people do not cooperate. When an infected person is found, every step they take is sprayed with bleach.. Death is a constant there.

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