Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I hate all people who obviously do wrong things and get away with it. The way the  too rich Football Commissioner who pays no taxes gave a football player only a 2 day suspension for punching a woman in the face making her unconscious in an elevator and dragging her on the floor and leaving her there like trash. That was wrong. The player is looking to go back to work like nothing happened.  The woman is now his wife and for some reason is blaming herself for the assault. This is wrong. I think the player’s  $35 Million dollar salary has a lot to do with it and that is wrong too. No one should be paid that much money if they do not wish to be a role model to young America. Now boys are being taught it is ok to assault women and girls are being taught that it is ok to get beaten and dragged like trash. Marry the guy. It is all wrong.

I also hate that there are still race riots in America in this era. Most people are of mixed race genealogy now anyway. Should we be rioting over the shade color of our faces? This is wrong. Police brutality is wrong too but we need to respect our officers. When they say put down the gun as in the Ferguson story or you are about to be arrested as in the New York story, you need to obey or risk that an officer will use force and even shoot you. Resisting police is wrong rioters.

What America needs is a vacation so we can all relax and cool down.  Taking some down time makes us better at our jobs. Labor Day was made a National Holiday 120 years ago and people work even harder on that day too with special sales incentives to get you out there to spend money. The average American leaves 4 vacation days unused each year. According to Expedia, in the past year collectively, Americans chose not to take 5 Million available days off from work. The most common reason was to accumulate days for possible future trips. Other reasons were that they cannot afford a vacation, or that work is their life.  This is wrong.

Some fear a bosses view of someone who takes time off. When discussing employees who do take all their time off, 15% of their bosses regarded them as being less dedicated.  15% as being less productive and 10% as being less likely to being promoted. This is wrong. Sitting alone at the Thanksgiving table, the one day the entire year Americans traditionally spend dinner time together, the stupid stores have to sell their crap at dinner time on Thanksgiving. This is wrong.

If you could all go on vacation you can give your boss the lousy T Shirt but also say that you got renewed drive and a feeling for refreshed company loyalty because you were able to go on vacation with no regrets. It is time to rethink the American work ethic. According to the Center for American Policy, the United States is the only advanced economy that does not require employers to require paid vacation time. Almost a quarter of Americans receive no paid holidays and most of those folks are low wage workers as small business employees. Everybody needs a break especially the folks who find the ring that got lost down the drain or the person who makes your favorite coffee.


Workers in the European Union are legally guaranteed at least 20 paid vacation days per year. In Japan they get at least 10 days. Before you dismiss vacations as a waste of time, consider that if we used all our time off, our economy would benefit from $160 Billion dollars in sales and would support 1.2 Million jobs. America needs a breath of fresh air so we can all get along better. 

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