Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Are you ready to be transported to a very different place that not many people see? A place where you can have the freedom to see it all without crowds or complications? Then visit Iceland this spring. This summer is the 40th Anniversary of the completion of Iceland’s Route 1. It is better known as the ring road. If you like to drive and explore different terrain’s and exotic places, you will like a vacation in Iceland. The road is a 828 mile loop that encompasses the country. You could drive full circle around the country in a day.

In the summer you would still have plenty of sunlight left over since the sun doesn’t set till close to midnight and it never gets completely dark. What a magical place! You really need about a week to take in all the natural wonders since Route 1 is one of the most scenic drives in the world. Just off the highway there are roaring waterfalls, lava fields, sunny seaside cliffs, eerie glacial lagoons, bubbling steamy geyser earth that makes Iceland feel like another planet. Just stop the car and wander off to get a closer look. There are no big touristy centers to distract you.

In the 1960’s Apollo astronauts trained for lunar landings in the rocky terrain. Recently Iceland has been the backdrop for many fantasy movies. The recent movie called Oblivion and Prometheus was shot in Iceland. The country is featured prominently in the series called Game of Throne. Route 1, the Ring Road as it is known is just 2 lanes of blacktop but is full of adventure.  The actual town and cities are very hard to pronounce but are clean, friendly and modern. Places like Grundarhverfi, Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Djupivogur and Reykjahlio are the cities names.

Iceland only has about 300 thousand people in it. Over 60% of them live in the greater Reykjavik area. Once you get out of the capitol the most grid lock you would find is sheep in the road. Just enough down time to steal a kiss from your favorite companion before the road clears up. It is easy to loose track of time there since every side road looks like it needs to be explored. You can walk behind the waterfalls, see the icebergs floating by, walk into the hot springs and never believe that all you did was drive around in a very large circle. Explore life while you still feel like living.

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