Saturday, November 22, 2014

The election is over. What the hell happened to the balance of power? Are voters really all of the same opinion? The Republicans have been voted in and will be taking over the United States Senate. President Obama wasn’t able to help his party considering he only has a 44% approval rating and why is that? The stock market is at its all time high, he brought GM and corporate America back to work, his posy of Seal worriers killed Osama bin Laden and brought other major terrorists to justice and most of all, there have not been any other terrorist attacks on American soil like 911. Yet 71% of Americans are very worried about another terror attack.

The 2014 Election proved to be a very bad night for Democrats and will probably have an impact on the 2016 Presidential Race. You know it is bad for the Democrats when Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, the leader of the Senate Republicans wins the election early in the evening and by a large margin. He is 72 years old, He vowed to “turn this country around” in his acceptance speech and he probably can since Republicans in general won all the crucial seats they needed to take over the U S Senate making him the new Senate Majority Leader.

For the first time in the history of West Virginia a woman has been elected to go to the Senate with the election of Shelley Moore Capito. 65% of Americans feel that the country is going on the wrong tract that prompted many Democratic candidates to distance themselves from President Obama. Democrats won some Governor races as in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. No matter what side you are on, victory did not come cheap. A whopping $3.6 dollars was wasted on the cost of these elections.  Not a dime of that money was spent to make it easier for voters to vote. We still have to show up at the old high school and vote the old fashioned way.

Most of that money was spent on lots of TV Advertisements and printed cards sent to every household in America name calling each other and making our elected officials look more like criminals than anyone we would ever want voted in to a new job. No wonder people have no desire to make the effort to vote. Conservative Toni Ernst  boasted in her ads that she grew up on a farm castrating hogs and said, “When I get to Washington, I’ll know how to cut pork.” She had her victory in Iowa and then said,” We are going to make then squeal.” OUCH!

So what does this mean for the rest of Obama’s years in office? We have now big Republican majorities in the House, a majority of 55 seats in the Senate so now the Republican Congress will be able to pretty much pass whatever they want to pass. The President still has his Veto pen in hand. There is a wide open Republican field for candidates they will want to push for a Presidential election in 2 years.  The Republican majority will now be able to change immigration laws, repeal Obama care, clean air act bills, women’s pay,abortion, gun control and try to get the Keystone pipe line of oil from Canada to South America passed. I expect President Obama to have completely white hair by the time he is done in office. 

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