Thursday, October 2, 2014

She is iAmerica’s girl that we all grew up with. She is single again and looks great and is in a good place in her life. She is Britney Spears the girl from Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club with Justin Timberlake. You know the original hot clubbing girl who was plastered getting out of limos without underwear way before Lindsay Lohan. You know the blond who married the homeless guy and had two kids with him and the judge gave him alimony and custody. Yeah her.
Britney looks great and still has that teenage voice. She has also joined the ranks of the rich Diva’s who have their regular shows in Vegas making them very very rich. She currently has a two year residency show. That means that the star lives at the hotel. Celene Dion and Cher both did similar contracts that also made them not to have to worry about money anymore. She is thinking about future wages by tagging her name to a line of sleepwear and lingerie. Most of her most famous looks involved the least amount of clothing.

The  mother of two, owner of her own perfume, headliner at Las Vegas and sleepwear designer seems to have it all. I guess she don’t need no regular man no more. Now if only Lindsay Lohan can get a comeback movie or something we can keep our young actress and singer treasures from distruction like the deaths of the other Britney and Ms. Winehouse. Sex drugs and booze take too many of our young people. We need to hold onto our popular icons as long as possible in order to give us hope that our kids can pull through their most destructive years too.

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