Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If you got involved in the I Phone 6 frenzy last week,  chances are that you are holding the device now. It seems to always be a major event whenever Apple decides to unveil a new product because it strikes interest because it usually is so different. They have not failed in the excitement department again. They unveiled the Apple watch just when we all were getting used to not wearing wristwatches anymore. They at least prove that innovation is live and well 30 years after Steve Jobs introduced a Macintosh Computer in 1984.  Tim Cook is now the CEO of Apple Inc. and believes that they are keeping Steve’s visions alive.

The  Smart watch combines all that you do with fitness and health. You can keep track of how many steps you walk on the device and tweet your results if you want. You can monitor your blood pressure and heartbeat through your watch. The new I Phone 6 is 4.7 inches and the I Phone 6 Plus is 5 and a half inches and thinner than any other I Phone version ever made. There is also now Apple Pay. You can hold your I Phone or your watch at the checkout and simply pay your bill, no credit card needed.  Imagine that now Tim Cook believes that he and Apple can kill the credit card industry as we know it. These new devices can at least take a stab at an industry, the credit card, that we all feel we gave enough money to.

My concern is about security and privacy of my accounts. If celebrity photos are being hacked how far is all my information and money could possibly be hacked? Ok,  Celebrities naked asses are a lot prettier than any of our accounts but it is a major concern.  Apple hopes their system is more secure since we all know the credit card is not very secure a system for transferring money for goods and products. Apple promises to take made in America seriously this time. Between the manufacturing of the watches and phones, Apple will expect to have the manufacturing and equipment to make devices in 22 of our 50 states.

So, despite how good everything sounds, how is Apple going to convince us to wear a wrist watch again? Jony Ive  is the Senior Vice-President of Design at Apple and he admits that they have been working on the shape and feel of the watch. The watch will have millions of design combinations. Let’ hope Steve approves of the newest items and they serve us well.

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