Sunday, October 26, 2014

Money can buy anything including the modern slavery. Imagine a small population of people settled on useless desert in the middle of nowhere until suddenly oil and natural gas is found under the sand and you are instantly a rich people. Do you use the money to do good in the world? NO Do you use the money to have the world service you with every want or need? Yes It is the evil greed that has taken over the very small place known as Qatar that has made the place known as a global group to be watched. Unfortunately we have to be seeing even modern slavery enticed by money.

We still have a headache over the waste of money the Olympics were to the poor people of Russia and how the Soccer championships was a tearful experience to the poor people of Brazil both who could have used the millions of dollars spent on one time use stadiums for sporting events  to feed and clothe the people of their countries. Now the questionable vote is in to have Qatar the host site for the 2022 World Cup Soccer Championships. It is no surprise that they may have won the event with illegal bribes. The officials of that place have already repeatedly shown that they can get anything they want for a price.
In the Olympics the place had one of the best weight lifting teams representing them. For such an nothing country smaller than the state of Connecticut, they bought some of the best athletes in the world to represent them. The desert people have no sporting tradition but yet had running successes at the Olympics. They bribed Bulgarian weightlifters to change their names and lift for Qatar and not their native country. It makes the entire Olympics a farce now since people can represent any country now. Eight men were bought by the government of Qatar to represent them in just weightlifting alone.  I can see buying fine wine but not people.

They grew beards on their   faces and changed their names for a price for a country no one has ever heard of. They bought up finest athletes from all over the world like South American soccer players , American basketball players and Kenyon distance runners. I believe in celebrating the races where they originate, not this. They all received lifetime pensions from the Government of Qatar and coaches received 10 times their salaries they would be making from their original countries. The finest athletes of the world were brought to the tiny peninsula in the Persian Gulf. It is a fantasy world that has risen from the desert it seems like overnight fueled by the 2.5 Trillion feet of natural gas found beneath the sand. 

Anything is possible may as well be Qatar’s motto. In the countries pursuit of sports glory, money has bought them that. They are a people used to getting what they want. Qatar’s only 280,000 lucky citizens live very well. Their health care, education and  electric bills are all paid for by the state. Land to build their homes on is also just given to them too. This is no fairytale story. This is the truth. They rule the country that makes up only about 10% of the people. The other 90% of the people there might as well be called paid modern day slaves brought in from other places to do all the manual work.
Foreign works from the poorest places on earth keep the place in beautiful shape to support the only 10% of the wealthiest people there. There is an immense e disparity between the haves and the have nots. Why should you do anything yourself when you could pay someone else to do it for you is the norm in Qatar. The richest people on earth live there. After the wholesaling of Athletes to win awards was over, they were sent back to their original countries. They were inspected like horses including their teeth before they were paid well to perform their sport for the country.

Qatar is currently performing the largest scouting project in the world looking for 500 thousand soccer players per year to represent them for the 2022 World Cup Championships. They are building the futuristic Aspire Academy to house them and train them. It is one of the largest and most sophisticated training centers on earth. They are poaching athletes the same way other wealthy countries took resources from places like Africa. Who the hell wants to play soccer there anyway? Temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees there. They are now building stadiums big enough to host a World Cup event. Bribes won the tiny desert country a world event.
They have promised to build the world 12 new stadiums of which one will be wrapped entirely in HD Video Screens. Their money is building a remote controlled artificial cloud to be able to shield an entire stadium from the sun. Anyone doubting the projects have been bribed for silence. Money transfers document payment after payments to officials from other places. FIFA, the International Football{Soccer} Association brought in investigators to seek evidence of bribery and they found out that the FIFA people were also accepting bribes. It seems everyone can be bought for a price. So, at the cost  of hundreds of billions of dollars there will be a soccer mecca built in the middle of a desert.

Work is being done day and night. A mass transit line has been created in the city streets and a new airport created. To do all this construction the richest men in the world have recruited some of the poorest men in the world. It is modern day slavery. The labor laws that govern the migrant workers there protect no one. Upon arrival to Qatar the employer controls where he works , where he lives and when or if he is allowed to leave. They are told when to sleep, what to eat, when to listen,  where to live and how to live. When you are reduced to having no free will, you are enslaved. The workers  are housed in labor camps. The men are packed 8 to a room. Filthy kitchens and beds infested with bed bugs. 150 men share 2 bathrooms. There is no showers. They wash in the toilet. Two kitchens are shared by 600 men.  The life of luxury is only offered to those born from Qatar.

By the time the stadiums are built 4,000 migrant workers will die from the heat, no safety measures and poor living conditions. So why does Qatar’s government treat migrant workers so badly, bribe World Cup voters and buy foreign athletes? They believe that money can buy anything. The Qatari people have a plan for once they receive domination in the sports world and once the money dries up from using the natural gas and oil, they want their city to still thrive as a world center of culture in that region. Their leaders are thinking about the future.

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