Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I always say the most important thing in life is money and everyone tells me I am wrong. Others stress inner peace or love as most important in life. I think peace and love will find me If I have enough money and money certainly can talk these days because with money you can buy the best accommodations anywhere in the world and now in the sky too.
We are definitely living in a class system where depending on wealth you can be treated very differently. It is becoming very apparent when traveling in the sky. With just a curtain separating you from others your treatment during a flight can be very different. The cost of your flight even more different. First class is now featuring stratospheric luxury never seen before on commercial flights where the common man also flies. On the other side of the curtain you can have endless champagne, gourmet meals,  large beds even someone to tuck you in.

I am more used to the indignities of air travel these days which include no leg room, no food, no space for your luggage that force the anger out of passengers and the crying children. While flying Coach seems to be as uncomfortable as ever, airlines seem to be trying to lure us all into first class with more and new great stuff .I’m talking about offerings like massages and butlers during flight. Even private suites with showers. It is the VIP flying experience that you only used to have on private jets. Although flying with the poor slob in the back of the plane bothers me a little, why shouldn’t I arrive at my destination as rested and refreshed as I could possibly be?

One of the most expensive and luxurious flights in the world is $15,000  dollars and will get you 5 star dining, a real bed and endless champagne. Most airliners force us into economy class where nothing is included in the price of your ticket. Air rage from angry customers is on the rise during flights. Airliners feel it is better to cater to the rich who are willing to pay thousands of more dollars for the same flight. Benjamin Zhang a business & transportation reporter says, ”It is all because of money. The first class cabins represent 20 or 30% per cent of the airplane. They can drive as much as 50 to 70% per cent of the revenue. “ Which is why just regular first class will not cut it anymore.

Now air liners are offering never before seen extravagances. More people are flying and flying longer distances and are willing to pay the higher prices for more privacy and comfort. The fight to retain the passengers willing to pay the high prices is a real battle for the airliners. They are also one upping each other in offering in flight services. On Virgin Airlines massages are offered as you cross the Atlantic Ocean. On Emirates there is a fully stocked bar at 35 thousand feet in the sky. On  Etihad Airways they are about to unveil a 125 square foot 3 room apartment called The Residence where a butler tends to your every need. Aubrey Tiedt, the Vice President of Guest Services for the Arabian  airliner says the space is made up of a living room, bathtub and shower that fits 2 people, and double bedroom. That round trip ticket from Abu-Dhabi to London will cost $42,000 dollars. I know that is a lot of money but it is nice to know that it is available to anyone who can afford it.

On Singapore Airlines private individual suites are offered. First class has now become competitive . Go to the airport and now you will find signs that say Suites with a red carpet on the floor and no line to wait on. After checking in you are escorted past the lines at security and go straight to the lounge to wait to board the flight as they begin there to wine and dine you. On board is a goody bag that include pajamas. So, If your Mama didn’t tuck you in enough while growing up, now Singapore Airlines will be happy to assist you for a good night’s sleep.  A overseas 7-10 hour flight might actually seem short once you are taken cared of fully in the skies.

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