Friday, October 17, 2014

Let it go .Let it go of that screaming woman on every TV commercial is burying a hole in my brain. Yes is Disney is at it again making billions of dollars off its latest story line movie. I am just recovering from the years they drummed songs from the also very successful Ling King show. Now I hear that Disney is not finished but just beginning in it’s latest promotional blitz for the highly successful show called Frozen. So, now that let it go song will be frozen in my brain for a much longer time. Thanks Disney. Not.

The hit movie called Frozen has turned into a merchandising bonanza by making Frozen toys , dolls, wedding dresses and even cans of soup. So, the only logical brand extension would be to produce an ice skating show too. People not only wait on lines for new phones but in order to keep their much loved little girls happy, people also wait on lines at the Disney store and they are now waiting on line for Frozen stuff. No not literally cold as ice stuff but you know products. The new shipment of dolls and toys and now costumes perfect for Halloween. Yes Frozen just will  not let audiences go. Why?

It is the top grossing Disney film of all time now. That is why. The animated tale about two fearless royal sisters has snowballed from a surprise hit to a cultural phenomena to a mega franchise. In the works is a Broadway theme show, park ride, a new animated short film and a inspired Wedding dress. So, it is no surprise that Disney on Ice will do a Frozen show too. It shouldn’t be too hard to re-create the snowy landscape that is in the movie for a ice show. Ice skating Olympic trained competitors are now playing sisters on ice but are happy and are not rivals anymore because there are no judges or scoring involved just nice paychecks for each of them.

Taylor Firth plays Princess Anna  in the Disney On Ice production. The show is now selling out stadiums across the country. Songs like Do You Want To Build a Snowman from the movie are also popular now. The soundtrack has been on the Billboard charts for the last 44 weeks. This kind of success going into holiday season has Disney scrambling to keep up with demand for products like the hard to find Queen Elsa dresses. Limited Edition dolls are listed on EBay for upwards of $5,000 dollars. There are no signs of Frozen fatigue. You will also see Anna and Elsa on an episode of TV’s Once Upon A Time series.

It is that sisterly bond and the message of empowerment that is the ultimate reason for this success. No doubt sisterhood is an incredible bond and those of us who have sisters have seen it and experienced it.  No this show will not let go of audiences heart strings anytime soon. So now you know what to buy for the little girls in your life if you do not want to let them go from your heart.

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