Thursday, October 16, 2014

It is quite simple. If you really want people to know it is you saying something just tape your voice. People do it all the time for Last Wills and Testaments so why not for anything else? Remember something you reveal can change your life forever. It can also change the perception people have of you forever and be career changing. When it was revealed that Rock Hudson was gay many people could not believe all those old romantic movies he did with Doris Day. But some revelations could result in serious crimes.

There us an actor who played a sweet sympathetic reverend on TV and now through his own revelations on audio tape in his voice he is admitting of being a child molester. It is always difficult when you find out that your hero is nothing but a looser. Steven Collins who became famous from a series called Seventh Heaven is now proving himself to not  being a heavenly character in real life. He was the kind and sweet family man reverend on the show. Kids turned to him when they needed advice and he was a shoulder to cry on in the show.
During a joint therapy session with his wife in 2012 he revealed his secret life. He allegedly confessed to molesting and exposing himself to multiple underage girls. Somehow the audio was obtained by TMZ a gossip TV show. The tape reveals that the 67 year old actor claimed that there were three victims in all. One he said he abused over several years. In graphic detail he admits he did more than just expose himself. It is hard to believe that this is the same guy who played a wholesome father from Seventh Heaven, the TV show.
The shocking audio was taped while he was engaged in a bitter drawn out divorce with his wife. In court papers she reveals that he had a “long term pattern of sexually abusing minors.”  His wife says she found out about his antics in early 2012.  The couple separated shortly thereafter. That  same year the LAPD received information on Collins and opened a case . No crime was reported  and no victim was identified then despite the secretly recorded confession to a therapist. There apparently was not anything to charge Co;;ins with a crime then without victims present. The crime cannot be proven based on a defendants confession alone. That is the law.

Now the case is being reopened with a formal complaint on file with the NY PD of a 14 year old who filed a report years ago. The allegation dates back to 1972. Can he be prosecuted for a crime that occurred over 4 decades ago? There is not a statues of limitations that will preclude a prosecution . If the audio tape is proven to be his voice and therefore his confession, Steven Collins is an admitted child molester. We always thought he was the good dad to Jessica Biel for 7 seasons in the show. 
Hollywood already gave him a swift sentence. He was quickly fired from the new movie called Ted II and the Up Network announced that it was dropping Seventh Heaven from its current programming. Collins already resigned from his great job as being part of the Screen Actors Guild Board.  That job was respected and considered powerful over actors. People will never look at him again in the same way. Who cares if he deserves to be disgraced however, what does confidentiality mean anymore between a client and a therapist if your  audio tapes  can be sold to gossip channels somehow?

Should he be suing someone despite his disgusting behavior for his confidentially issues? Why should any husband and wife go to therapy if their honesty can be revealed to all without their permission? All privileges like husband wife, attorney client, priest parishioner, doctor patient are all thrown out the window if that conversation is covering up a crime. The trial for the divorce is scheduled to start this week.


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