Sunday, October 12, 2014

Joan Rivers may be gone but there still is Chelsea who will be moving her brand of sarcasm over to Netflex. They were and are both prime examples of bold women with balls to kick down doors with high heals to get what they want in life. They are the  example of prime bold women who don’t need no man in their life and who will take whatever road they want when they want it. Chelsea just took a break from her old show on the E Channel and went to Netflex and told them what she wanted to do on their network and they listened and they accepted. Who get’s that kind of luck in life?

Her late night talk show was called Chelsea Lately and had a pretty big following of fans. Back in April she scratched her seven year itch from her E Entertainment talk show and stopped taping in late August. Since then she has been on vacation. She was the only late night TV talk show host and now there are no women chatting it up at night. Her show was watched by half a million people every night.  Chelsea’s 5 books are all bestsellers. Her stand up comedy tours are standing room only. Despite all this comfortable success , Chelsea needs a change.

She was going to wait for another women to emerge but decided that that was not her responsibility. Why didn’t she burst down some late night network doors? Men were playing musical chairs with shows lately. Jimmy Fallon nabbed Jay Leno’s spot. In Fallon’s place Seth Meyers is sitting. Steven Colbert will take David Letterman’s seat and Craig Ferguson will leave his seat.  Chelsea Handler would be too offensive for any network TV slot anyway. So, Netflix is not a TV Network and she would not be bound by censorship rules there. Netflix is a streaming video service that happens to have a few hot new shows like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. Yes TV and 500 Cable Channels are not enough folks, we need Netflix now too.

She does not want to be tied down to celebrity news. Chelsea wants to talk about human interests,  politics and sports now. She says she wants answers to questions that she wants to ask.  As part of a multi-tiered deal she will also front a stand-up special in October and four docu-comedy specials in 2015. Then a full time talk show in 2016. Now this is a woman with big plans. She says her fearless attitude was fostered in her while growing up in New Jersey. Being the youngest of six children, she was basically the tag along to all the other kids and felt like an outcast. At 19 she left home to start  an acting career in Los Angeles.

Chelsea waited tables and started doing stand up.  She made a few TV appearances but it was her first book about her one night stands that made her get real fans. Making fun of everyone especially herself is her main thing on tour. She earns more than 20 Million per year from all her projects and just got another 10 Million deal from Netflix. She is just another girl like Joan was paving her way on her terms with no apologies on the way.

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