Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today is yet another Anniversary of the 911 disaster. Yes we lost many innocent lives and we lost a bit of our faith in humanity but we also lost the view. Yes, the ability for 13 years to stand atop those tallest of buildings and be able to look out over Manhattan. Those towers were our Mount Everest where we proposed our dying devotion to our loved ones in Marriage proposals and realized how insignificant we were in the big picture of life. This year the view is back and for the first time, the 911 Museum will be open for all to see what is now history till Midnight tonight.

Along with the 2,606 lives that were lost when the World Trade Center was destroyed in the attacks of September 11, we also lost one of New York City's most loved destinations. It was the Twin Towers Observation Deck that allowed us to go out and smell the thin air 100 story's in the sky, gaze into a telescope to see things close again. After all, Americans like to be aloft but also want the ability to be up close and personal on their terms.The Middle Eastern terrorists are still a threat to us on their terms. They terrorize in the shadows not proudly wearing a uniform or carrying weapons. They chop off reporters heads and use their knives again. Now they are recruiting American citzens to follow their religion that no fair or just God must be part of.

For decades before the disaster people came from all over the world to view Manhattan in all its upright glory of steel and glass monuments in the sky, our man made landscape. After years of planning and construction there is on the 102nd floor of One World Trade Center an indoor observatory. It is also Museum like in that future visitors will learn about the building's history as they make their way from the ground up this time.
You can see again Manhattan and all it's surrounding waters plus Brooklyn and New Jersey. It was just completed in early 2014. It is a 104 story tower and is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 1776 feet . That is the tallest thing on this side of the earth. It rises atop the World Trade Memorial where two separate reflecting pools recall the towers where they once stood high and proud for many years. and where many lives were lost.

What is now known as the One World Observatory will open in 2015. Yes we are now living in the years where great new monuments are built. to show the world that our spirit and drive and ambition  can never be destroyed or torn down.

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