Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is about another group of female athletes that get paid nothing for their ability and efforts. Just like NFL Cheerleaders who get paid next to nothing, female body builders get no respect either.  We love them both. Why don’t they receive a decent wage from the sports they support? The body builders have taken their bodies to limits that at times cannot even be considered safe but they do it for the love of the sport.

In the world of women’s professional body building, competition day is a showcase of effort but for other’s it is a freak show.   For the women on that stage, it is simply the worst of times. Most of us think it should be the best of times like a piano recital or an Olympic event that you have practiced at and worked at all year long. The women admit that on the day of the competition they are most dehydrated, they eat limited food, they are over trained and are taking some kind of diuretic weather natural or not, the girls may look like perfection but inside they are hurting.

It is strange to see woman but also see Thor all combined together. The women are driven by a big fetish. They can never get big enough muscles so therefore constant training. They usually work out 6 days a week about 4 hours per day. With no sponsors, no one is paying them for their time at the gym.  The girls love the empowerment they have over their decision making and over their health and body in general.

They have to do more than just eat right and work out. The use of anabolic steroids is a must to be perfect according to most women body builders. To get bigger they use HGH, Winstrol, , Invar, Sumatran things they can get from Europe and China. Everyone knows what is going on but no one talks about it. There is virtually no testing from the Federation of Bodybuilders. Once a year they draw from a hat and test one person.
If the International Federation of Bodybuilders secures no money for their participants and does not do any real safety or regulatory testing who needs them? The only thing that is safe to say is that without the pharmaceutical assistance any woman would not have any chance to win any competition anywhere. They basically do it for a trophy and a Title , no cash value.

The promoters, photographers and supplemental companies make money not the girls who have to put up with the side effects of drugs like facial hair, clitoral enlargements, costs for tanning and waxing. Third place is $500 and first place is $3,000. That barely covers the costs of air fare and hotels for the girls. Their only decent wage is when they sell themselves for dates and appearances to men willing to be out and about in public showing off their body builder girl. Should hard working athletes be selling themselves to Fetish  Freeks willing to pay top dollar to be with a girl? America can do better. Get the girls away from the web cams entertaining muscle worshipers and give them a sports purse worthy of their efforts to the sport.

Men earn about $600 thousand for Mr. Olympia, women earn about 1\10 the amount for their competitions.

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