Saturday, September 6, 2014

I like to report on firsts. Well this story is about a first achievement from a child. A girl with a fearless arm who has thrown shutouts on the baseball field in the Little League World Series. Her name is Mo’ne Davis, yes with an apostrophe in the middle of her first name, the Pitcher on the Philadelphia Taney Dragons teamand she is only 13 years old.  She has already made it to the cover of Sports Illustrated and admitted that she is willing to excel at other sports too. She gives new meaning to the phrase, throws like a girl. Many boys wish they could throw a ball like her.

Her pitches are thrown at 75mph. Major league pitchers throw at about 90mph so this is really fast for a little girl. She is the first girl to throw a shutout in World Series History. She allowed just two hits and struck out 8 boys. She can hit too by hitting a run scoring single at her first time at bat. She wants to give credit to her entire team but it is hard when she is also the first Little League ever to get her picture on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. The best part is that she is in that magazine because of her sports achievements and not because she is a hot player or a girl in a swimsuit.

Her Twitter account jumped from 2,000 followers to 15,000 followers after the Magazine cover shot; so, it is difficult to remain a low keyed player on a team. All this recognition is a tribute to all athletic women even as children to see that finally they can get the same recognition as their male counterparts in any sport. Who gets to be a role model in the eighth grade anyway? Even though she has been playing baseball since she was age seven, it is hard to be calm when the place is full and there are a lot of people cheering you on and who are there just to see you play. Should children be exposed to the pressures of fame?

She is already a true athlete who also likes to play football and has no problem tackling the boys. Many feel that basketball is probably the way to go if she wants to try at excelling at another sport. The best part about her is her youth and ability to take on whatever she is doing very seriously.  Her team did not win the World Series but no matter. She willing to take on all sports.

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