Sunday, September 7, 2014

Here is another first. Nicki Minaj has shattered the record books for having a music video called Anaconda that is reported having the most viewed yet in a single day.  She just stole the most   viewed in one day top spot from Miley Cyruses Wrecking Ball video. Nicki is certainly making a statement with this controversial video but what exactly   is she trying to say? All I know is that if you are an ass man, this video is for you. Jeesh.

She brings her derriere, backside, butt, bottom cheeks whatever you want to call them front and center in this video. Anaconda is very explicit and I can see why it has taken over the most viewed distinction just from a 12 year old boy’s perspective. See, you never really grow up. Sorry. Nicki purposely goes over the top and looking at the video makes you too distracted to even hear what she is rapping about. She says the video is all about female empowerment. I think it is just rude exploitation and sensationalism for the sake of getting exposure. Do you really have to expose your private parts these days to get noticed?

She says the video has something to do with owning her own sexuality. Even the photo on the video cover looks simply like a bare ass. Of course it will get noticed. Many women feel that it is over signalized and exploitative. Is it trashy? After all, she spends the entire song shaking her butt and other women doing the same. Does she give credit to a choreographer on this video? You really have to wonder why this is necessary in this day and age. Kevin Fallon an Entertainment Reporter for The Daily Beast says the video starts an interesting dialogue about race and body types.

Yes the white girls on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine   wearing thongs which is nothing on their ass have small butts but are still curvy. This song is representing the thick and curvaceous black girl butt. Her message is to embrace yourself, love your curves and just be proud of your body .But yet all that empowerment is lost in all the jiggling around.   Let’s say Nicki was trying to spark some kind of meaningful conversation, in the end, the exploitation over shadows everything else.

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