Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wow He did it. He had the courage to take a life.  He   had the nerve to take his own life and succeeded. We all go through our darkest times where we feel we want out of this life for whatever reason but how many of us really think it through? Even to go so far as to decide how or when we will do it? Usually at that point we snap out of it. We direct our thoughts away from suicide.  Look   at the pictures of someone or something we love and decide to live another day because we selfishly want to see or hear their voice again. Something makes us not kill ourselves.   Where was Robin William’s something when he needed it? He killed himself yesterday and the world of entertainment and millions of homes whom he touched are grieving.

It was good to see the Nightly News return and for the entertainment gossip shows stop whatever they had planned to tell us the terrible news. His brand of comedy was unique and touched everyone from the smallest child to a grumpy adult.  We needed to know because he was an event in of himself. Every script he touched had his mark of humor on it from being a crazy Jennie in a cartoon called Aladin to being an  interresting  old lady in the movie Mrs. Dowbtfire to being a sweaty stand up dirty comic.

Robin was born in 1951 and had three children  and went through three wives He left us with 6 unreleased films. He was the great, great grand-son of  a Mississippi Govenor. He was 63 years old and stared in 15 movies. Always appeared somewhere doing stand up comedy in HBO shows and on stages everywhere.  He had TV shows in 1982 with Mork and Mindu to a recent show on Tv too. Who has time for suicide?

He was nominated for many awards and received awards for his acting ability. He had an Oscar, two Emmy awards and 4 Golden Globe awards, 5 Grammy Awards and Screan Actor’s Guild Awards. Winning an award of any kind is supposed to make you happy.  He even stared in the movie about Get Happy.  Everywhere he went someone was laughing in a reaction to something he said.  It is as if happiness and fun humor just poured over his heart and soul. That is why we are so troubled to hear how sad he was.

We are selfish and want our funny man back already. If only more of us knew about the demons in his head telling him that suicide is some sort of answer to life. The only way to deal with life’s problems is to live your life to the fullest. He was so sensible even in his stand-up comedy not being afraid to discuss any topic about any type of person. You have to be a very observant person to be able to bond with an audience and his audiences were always so responsive to any topic he put his unique twist too.

Let us look forward in our lives. Love and laugh because it is still the best medicine he gave us for most of his life too bad he never was quite fulfilled here. Bye Robin Williams. We loved you.

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