Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So now you have to get Netflix   to see everyone’s newest favorite dark comedy show with some old favorite actors. It is called Orange is the New Black where there is a lot of talking to prisoners. The first season was introduced about 15 months ago and we are now enjoying the second season of episodes. Characters include Piper Chapman who is the good girl gone bad. She got locked up for smuggling drug money and is serving time with bad criminals who have names like Crazy Eyes and Tasty or Pennsatuck and Red.

While the humor is always part of the show the new season will be taking a darker turn. The bigger picture is the new found popularity and new way of watching series on Netflix.  It has become its own network. Netflix also has the popular series House of Cards that everyone seems to want to watch as well. Also they give you all the episodes of the series at once so you can watch as many as you want in a row.  So binge watchers are very happy.

Jason Biggs are one of the few men in Orange is the New Black and plays a good guy. We all know him from the crazy American Pie movies meanwhile Piper is an actress who has never appeared in anything else before. You have to at least recognize the voice of the brunette Laura who has played roles in many TV series over the past 10 years. A red head   with Ashton Kushner in That Seventy Show and she was a Blond in a sitcom called Chelsey. They say we will see a lot of her in season three which is being shot now.

So after you pay for all those expensive Channels on your cable TV now invest even more money in Netflix for the latest new big series. I remember when TV was free and you kinda knew what you were going to get each week. None of this binge watching where you can literally do nothing else for 12 hours a day but watch an entire series of even a new show now.

I think I will watch some old Lauren Bacall and Elaine Stritch movies. Those two old gals just died too. We need to pay tribute to all the actors and actresses that entertained us and thank them for their work.  

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