Saturday, August 2, 2014

I am outraged that money is just being taken out of pension plans every month without the retiree even knowing what the hell happened. This Obama Care is out of control and unbalanced. More than half of a retirees pay check is being taken out for medical expenses that the person is not even using if healthy. So if a retired cop as I am, receives $1,200 bucks in a monthly pension payment an additional $700.00   is being taken out now for a medical plan. Am I supposed to live on $500 a month? Yes now I am sick.

This is why everything costs so much because not a single person is looking into cutting medical costs. Doctors are out of control billing high prices for every suggested procedure. The pharmaceutical  companies are charging thousands of dollars per pill for certain common medications and small businesses are burdened with having to support the high cost of medical care that they can  not  afford to employ full time workers. The working poor middle class can  not support all the bills in this country anymore. They have now become poor too.

The entire communication system in the medical community needs to be revamped if they truly care about the health of the sickest citizens of this country.  There isn’t even a national site that places kidney donors with kidney patients who are on their death bed. Instead we have a medical race working against the clock. There is a string of strangers making incredible sacrifices to give the gift of life. There is ongoing now the largest living donor kidney transplant chain performed in just one American hospital. A national health group has nothing to do with this one doctor’s efforts in just one hospital that is finally making sense of the kidney donor mess in this country.

Dr. Jaimie Locke   is both a transplant surgeon and matchmaker at the University   Of   Alabama Medical Center and is helping to improve the span of potential kidney donors and their recipients. She is literally creating chains of living donors. We know a recipient needs someone usually a spouse or a parent or friend or other relative who is willing to donate a kidney to a total stranger so that they can receive a kidney from a stranger in return. This Doctor and hospital staff spend a lot of time looking over possible matches.

It is finding a needle in a haystack because with all the money now being collected for health care, there still is not a national data base to coordinate donors with recipients. Workable matches must be made between blood and tissue types. The rich and famous alcoholics like Larry Hagman  and Crosby Nash found donors real fast because they are rich, meanwhile young children who really need and did not abuse their bodies through addiction and partying could have a valuable life end up dying because they do not have the resources to “find” a match.

There are more than 100,000 Americans in desperate need of kidneys. For many the wait for a deceased donor kidney could last anywhere from 8 to 10 years. Uncle Sam If you are taking money out of my paycheck every month now you should be offering better and more efficient health services now. With Dr. Locke’s system of chains of people donating kidneys, many people do not know who they are giving part of their body too. They do know that their friend will be getting a donor soon. It is the most unselfish thing that anyone could do.

Both donors and recipients have their respective operations at the same hospital at the same time so that the transplant can be done as close to immediately as possible. No putting precious organs in coolers or helicopters being shipped across the country. Slowly the kidney people are hooking up together. It is the most personal gift of life you could ever give to anyone and literally a gift of life. Dr Locke hopes to have 50 transplants done by the end of the year. Let’s hope this country gets health care reform under control real soon so that all of America stops suffering.

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