Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I love Melissa McCartny.  She is a breath of comedic air that we haven’t breathed in a long time.  We all love the old comedy women actresses like Lucy and Phyllis Diller, Carol Burnett and Roseann.  None of them were beauty queens but they all were intelligent and had charm. Melissa is pretty but I am sure her doctor considers her to be morbidly obese. I think she looks like most of American women.  Melissa just represents the newest generation of women that make us adoringly love her.

She is a star in her own TV sitcom called Mike & Molly that has been renewed for its fifth season. At first she did not want to do a show that was just about two people who meet trying to lose   weight. It then developed into a romantic comedy that she loved. It is a decision that won her an Emmy Award.  Judging by how physical she gets in her movies, she has proven to be fearless and confident in her body and we love it.  Happily she has become one of Hollywood’s leading ladies.  It is nice to see a real woman getting some real acting roles that is not all about their sexuality.  In fact, she has played parts that you can hardly call ladylike.
Melissa and her cousin Jenny McCarthy have mastered the type of comedy that makes you laugh but you are at the same time embarrassed for them.  I will never forget that old movie that Jenny stared in called Dirty Love.  In that movie Jenny had the courage to make the delicate problem that women face every month of having to deal with their messy period.  And even feminine product commercials sugar coat the advertised products by simply pouring blue water on a menstrual pad.  In that movie, Jenny has already soiled her white clothing and is dripping blood in the aisles of a drugstore desperately looking for a product.  It is funny but   so embarrassing. It is also a wake up call to help people understand the everyday problems that women go through.
Melissa is redefining the A list actor.  She can play it rough and her characters come with character flaws that make it funny.  Her   break   out role was in the movie called Bridesmaids staring Kristen   Wiig   and Maya Rudolph, her   fellow   students.  Melissa received an Academy Award Oscar nomination for her funny stuff. .  In her new movie called Tammy she is holding up a man with a gun.  He tells that he is a veteran of war, so she salutes him during the robbery.  In most comedies these days, women are just a pretty accessory to the funnymen.  Melissa grew up on a farm in Illinois.  She developed many of her comedic tools at the Groundlings   that is an improvisational comedy theater in Los Angeles where she met her husband that has had appearances in three of her movies and was classmates with Maya and Kristen.

It is there where she met   comedian Ben Falcone.  Dating in that environment helped them to get to know each other in every way through   comedy.  Imagine falling in love without having to look your best and be under the pressure of having to say the right thing.  They got married in 2005. He is the director of Tammy. Which they co-wrote. In real life they insist that they are not aggressive or use foul language. He is still embarrassed at watching her sex scene in the movie called Identity Theft. She is never raunchy or wrong at home where they are raising their two little girls. In the movie called The Heat with Sandra Bullock, the F bomb is used all the time.

The best thing about her is that she is willing to do just about anything to make you laugh. Thanks girl !

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