Saturday, July 19, 2014

Do you prefer dying over the ocean or on land? Perhaps   when you take a flight from Malaysia the airliner should ask you that question before you board your flight. Let me start with prayers for the families of 534 people who died from two flights from Malaysia who will never see the people they love ever again. Why are these flight disasters happening and why from Malaysia? Why isn’t the United Nations demanding answers?

Everyone is skittish about flying in general now. Civilians, innocent people seem to be at risk. It is official. The airlines’ future may be at risk too. The wreckage from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near   Shakhtersk, Ukraine recently had bodies literally falling from the air into a farmer’s field of sunflowers. This is why whatever God you believe in that created you does not let you see one moment into your future and certainly leaves your own death the biggest surprise of your life if any of this rant is making any sense at all. Well not too many things in the news make sense anymore anyway.

Malaysia Airlines is in deep trouble now with financial problems, missing plane and now a crash is hard news to overcome. What is the hardest thing to overcome is the evil hands at the controls of sophisticated   weapons ruining lives for political   stupid reasons.  Malaysia Airlines had financial problems even before the disappearance of a plane on March 8.  How do planes just disappear?  At this point could we blame UFO’s? All we know is that there are still very distraught families of 299 people demanding answers and receiving   nothing. Can the airline continue to function after the latest catastrophe?

The reason Flight 370 went missing with 239 people aboard is unknown, and Flight 17 with 295 people aboard, appears to have been shot down by military forces.  Both flights were tragedies from Malaysia Airlines.  The   Airline   and Malaysian tourism was already suffering before March.  The Airline has lost money for years because of higher fuel costs and airport charges, competition from lower cost carriers and weakening currency against the dollar. So does that make people disposable?  I hope not. Did these evil murderers target a week vulnerable Airline?

Legally it is imperative that the airline and relevant authorities   determine whether the crash is the result of   external fire from the ground, and thus, outside Malaysian Airlines control, or a problem with the aircraft or with its crew.  There are   still lingering concerns about the missing other plane.  The airline absolutely must take urgent, tangible and meaningful steps to show   that it is in control of   its   destiny.  This act of violence shook up the entire   airline industry Thursday.  Stocks were down. American Airlines -4%, Alaska Air -2.6%, Delta -3.5%.  Is this airline’s very bad luck going to trickle down to all other airline companies?

The plane that went down Thursday,   a Boeing 777-200ER is a similar model to the one that disappeared on March 8 with 239 people aboard on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to   Beijing. The search for that flight has focused on the Indian Ocean about 1,000 miles west of Australia, based on intermittent signals that a satellite picked up. Malaysia   Airlines can be compared to Jet Blue in size and revenue. Tell the monsters to stop making their political statements at the expense of innocent people and vulnerable small Airlines.

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