Saturday, May 10, 2014

DiscriminationWhere is the outrage over black slavery this year? There seems to be plenty of outrage over comments an owner of a basketball team made in the privacy of his own home but yet no outrage from his black team over the kidnapping and slavery of black women?  Respect should be demanded anywhere and everywhere all over the world especially when it comes to young innocent woman in a school.  Be the gallant and respect demanding American black male and demand some action to be done to find the women that were kidnapped.

There were nearly 300 schoolgirls who were kidnapped nearly half around the world.  At least now Hollywood stars are joining this desperate search to save them.  They’re using social media to at least get people involved and   bring   more concern throughout the world.  The message is bring back our girls sent out into cyberspace from famous people Iike  Kerry  Washington, Amy Poehler to Chris Brown all celebrities joining the global outrage. Yet anyone associated with the Clipper outrage seems to be silent about this terrible act of discrimination
We are all pleading for the safe return of nearly 300 Nigerian girls   kidnapped from their   school in the middle of the night loaded onto trucks,   taken hostage by militant Islamists gunman who are now planning to sell them into slavery.  For weeks these girls have been missing with little attention paid outside of Nigeria.  It wasn’t until Ramaa Mosey, a Los Angeles  director launch a” Bring Back Our Girls” Facebook page that people in America started talking about the outrage.  No one in the United States had made any calls to protest this act of slavery in 2014.

This causes has now consumed her life and at least she will not stop her   efforts till the   girls   are free. If our American basketball players will rightfully not tolerate   any form of discrimination then they should join in the effort to stop slavery everywhere in the world.  At least her message was heard around the world very quickly.  In just over the first week she got over 33,000 likes and on Twitter the hash tag was used more than 800,000 times.  At least finally a fury has been ignited against the man who ordered the kidnapping.

He is the leader of the Islamist terrorists group known as Boko Haram which means, Western Education Is   A Sin.  Videos have been taken of him smiling as he says, “I took your girls, they are our slaves, I will sell them in the market’ Where is the Peace Corp?  Where is the United   Nations Army?  Where   is the Nigerian police?  Must there   always be persecution in this world?  Why should some people be completely outraged about some things but not about all forms of discrimination?  Boko Haram’s targets are schools and children.  The group is already   responsible for dozens of massacres   including the slaughter of 50 schoolboys earlier this year.

At least now the world is waiting and watching for action.  Hillary Clinton has spoken out demanding the safe return of the children.  About 50 girls did manage to escape.  People have been protesting in the streets of Nigeria demanding that the government does more.  The United States offered to help in the search using drones and our intelligence to aid    in the search process.  At least now there is a global push that is growing ever louder to aid those who are really being persecuted by their own people.  Awareness should be made by anyone being persecuted anywhere in the world

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